Monday, September 21, 2009

Love & Hate

What is it with kids!? One minute they are beaning each other over the head with fire trucks or barbie dolls and the next minute they are laughing and hugging. Weirdos.

First thing in the morning, when one of my boys wake up, they instantly run to the other's bedroom and cry out for them to come play.

5 seconds later...

Screaming, kicking, hitting, and/ or flying toys breaks the morning peace in the nutshell. I just don't get it. It seems they really hate each other most of the time... but when they have to be separated, instead of me being the hero for putting Sam in timeout, I become the villain for taking him away from Nephi -- doesn't he get it? I just saved him!!

Sam and Nephi are covered in bruses from each other with the help of the playground, but when Sam gets on the bus to go to school, Nephi yells:

"SAMMMMMMYYYYYYYY!!!! Come back!!!!!!! Come back SAMMY!!!" We go through this everyday. I try to calm him by saying, "It's mommy and Nephi time!" He looks at me like life is over. It is really sad when you two year old no longer thinks you are cool.

Then the icing on the cake:

Church meeting was a nightmare yesterday. Seriously, the kids were acting like they had no sleep but were on speed.... completely uncontrollable. Everyone felt bad for me. I could see them looking at me with pity.

Mostly it was screaming. They kept yelling: "Suck!!!!!" Which means, "Snack" -- but no one else knows that. It sounds like they are putting down my choice of toys I stuffed in the diaper bag. Once they stop taking out their anger on me, they turned on each other. Let's just say there were lots of "Stop Sammy!!!!!"'s, flying toys, and lots of kicking and hitting. Even I got caught in the cross fire and got kicked rather hard in my head. You don't even want to know how Sam's foot got up that high to accomplish the feat in the first place... so don't ask!

Finally, my savior came in the form of one of Sam's primary teachers. She scooped up Sam and took him out kicking and screaming. I sighed, finally some peace. I smiled at Nephi who had just been the victim of a train beaning. He watched sadly as Sam was carried away. Then he surprised me by jumping up on the pew and yelling so the whole congrigation could hear:

"I'm COMING, SAMMY!!!!! I'm COMING!!!"

I heard snickers all around me.

"No you're not! Sit down, Nephi." I told him. "You should be happy he is gone, now you can play with the toys with out getting hurt."

"NO, want Sammy!" He started to scream for his brother. Oh, great! Then luckily, some friends of ours invited him to go sit with them and their little girl and eat a sucker. He was happy. I was happier.

I decided to head out and see how Sam was doing. I found him outside pitching a full blown tantrum on the sidewalk... his primary teacher standing calmly by watching.

"Now this is entertainment!" I said smiling.

"Seriously," she answered. We stood back a little, barely missing some flailing legs fly past us. There was nothing you could do when Sam was in one of these fits, you just have to stand by and wait for it to play itself out and he calms down on his own.

"I tried to set him on the grass, but flipped on to the sidewalk... seems to like that better." I tried no to laugh, he looked so silly! Like a fish out of water...

Finally I got him calmed down and back in the church. When we sat back down, what do you think the first thing he said was?

"Where Ruffy???" He asked.

"He is sitting over there with friends," I said pointing over to where his little brother was playing happily.

"RUFFY!!!!! COME!!!!!" He yelled freaking out.

Here we go again....

Kids are so weird!


Camryn said...

So, SO sorry! If it's any consolation, I go through that all the time at church! Not alone--you're a brave woman. But I make sure we sit in the VERY back--so far away that the bishop is a speck. My kids are so young, they just fight over crayons, books, who counted the most chairs--you name it!

Great post! And I SOOOO relate!

Our Family said...

Cat, this post had me laughing out loud! It is so hard to keep children still and quiet for an hour at a time. I can almost hear little Nephi's "I'm coming, Sammy! I'm coming!" Hilarious!

Meagan and John said...

yesterday, right as sacrement started my son (who is 4 yrs old) yelled out "we have to share" to his friend, everyone chuckled, including the bishop and stake president, and everyone knew whose child did it--at least they now know we are working on sharing

Now why did my son yell this out? because a friend of mine shares a booth with us and we made the mistake of letting my son and her daughter sit next to each other--her daughter brought 2 babies and my son had left the house without picking out any toys so he was insisting that she had to share her toys with him--funny how sharing is only mentioned by the child who doesn't have grasp of the toy

he later yelled out a few other things, but I was so mad at him at that point I don't remember exactly what they were--daddy had a headache so mommy was in charge of disciplining so he thought he could get away with murder

Meagan and John said...

oh, yeah and I forgot, my son also think it is cute to wait till everyone is sitting down and quiet to announce (to the entire congregation) that he has to poop! since when he says he has to pee we tell him to hold it and he does what any 4 yr old child would and grabs his crotch and holds it, well one day he figured out that daddy won't let mommy tell him to hold it if he has to poop cause daddy is afraid he will take me literal and end up holding his poop so this is what he says instead of mommy i have to go to the potty.

Jill said...

It does amaze me how kids can be best friends and worst enemies all at the same time. You're brave taking the boys to church on your own. I'm glad your ward is helping you.

And I'm sorry, I did have to laugh about the tantrum on the grass/sidewalk. We've had more of those than I care to count or admit to. And that really is all you can do... stand back and laugh and wait for it to be over.

Good luck!

Lydia said...

Church by yourself sucks, I know. i think that that is my least favorite hour of the week when my hubby is gone. at least no one has left the stand to help you yet.

Cynthia said...

Ugh. That is so cute and frustrating all at the same time!

Tobi said...

Church is always a tough time with no back-up. I'm glad you had some volunteers step into help. =)