Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Couch Cushions & Safety Hazards

I. Hate. My. Couch.
It's comfy to lay on. It isn't bad looking. There aren't any tears you can see when it's all put together. And even though it was a hand-me-down we have 2 matching pillows.

Then why do I hate it, you ask?

The cushions come off. Plain and simple and oh so annoying!!! Just in case you are confused, they don't fly off by themselves, of course not, that's silly! Sam and Nephi just can't seem to leave them be. They can not, will not, keep their dirty little hands off them! The cushions know no peace when the boys are in the living room. Forget it!

I probably put them back on once every hour, telling them over and over until I am blue in the face to leave them alone!

Now, before you go saying what a turd I am for not letting my dear boys play with the couch cushions, let me tell you about "the project".

The project begin, when Sam pushed his finger through the fabric under the cushions that covered the springs. Every time the cushions come off, they work on "the project".

Yesterday, I found this:
"The project" has now become a safety hazard. I can just picture a little leg shooting through that and ripping off skin. I have no desire to visit the emergency room anytime soon.

Sadly, there is no place in the budget for a new couch. So I must turn once again to my old friend, Mr. Duct Tape.(Don't even comment on those nasty stains! You can't have toddlers without them!)

Now, I just have to keep them from peeling it up!! That is so something Sam would do. He better not though, or I may have Mr. Duct Tape help me on another project:


Practically Perfect... said...

Your couch looks just like one of my mom's old couches. She got rid of it for similar reasons - cushions coming off!

Tobi said...

I swear for Christmas I am not buying my kids any toys. I'm just going to let them play with couch cushions and cardboard boxes. It's all they seem to get enjoyment out of anyway. =)

I bow down to your duct tape skillz.

Jill said...

We got a new couch a few years back. And that was the one thing that was a requirement... no removeable cushions. It has been WONDERFUL. I did get a laugh out of the duct tape. Your boys are such little geniuses. Always a few steps ahead of you. Someday that will serve them well in life. For now, good luck. :)

Single Mama NYC said...

Wait - I'm still chuckling over the duct-taped baby. Is it bad that when Theo started walking I would've considered doing that? He was just ALL over the place, literally overnight, and it was rough for me to get used to. Hey, at least I only THOUGHT about it and didn't actually do it. :-D

Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

That reminds me of my old couch.

Our Family said...

What isn't duct tape good for? Nice patch job! The baby at the bottom reminds me of that velcro suit game at extreme sports where you can stick yourself to the wall.

Jared and Vanessa said...

I thinks is funny how kids just love pillows!! Nice duct tape!!