Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Cavity

I mentioned in my post "What a Disapointment!" that Sammy had a cavity. It must have been the fruit snacks... *sigh* I guess I have to think up another bribe treat.

Anyway, the dentist's office called last week and had a canceled appointment and wanted to know if we wanted to come in the next morning instead of next month. I was happy because it would be nice to get it over with and have one last thing to worry about.

So off we went to the dentist early the next morning. The boys were excited to be back, since they had a blast the last time we were there. The nurses let Nephi stay and play in the lobby, while I took Sammy in the back to get weighed and recieve his dose of "la la land" meds.

The plan was to give Sam a mild seditive to help him be calm while they did the filling... which would also make him forget what happened -- which is a good thing. Drills can be tramatic for all of us.

They told me it would take about 10 min for the seditive to kick in and warned me that he may be one of the following: angry, weepy, sleepy or just plain loopy. What we didn't expect was the fact that Sammy thought it was very funny and couldn't stop laughing.

His legs stopped working at first, which made him start the giggles in the first place. Then his head got really heavy and slowly started lowering to the floor until their was a soft thunk. He started laughing that he couldn't left his head up. This made me laugh too. Then his arms went dead and I had to hold him.

I know this is sick and twisted, but this was the first time I had held Sam in my arms for more then 10 seconds since he started to crawl -- and it was nice. He was so still, just laid in my arms and looked up at me with a smile on his face. I took my chance and kissed his face a million times and giggled to myself that he couldn't get away. He was so relaxed, I almost asked if I could have some too! It looked like fun!

He was so relaxed that he got heavy in my arms after a few minutes so I laid him in a bean bag chair. He was so still, I started to worry.

"Is this normal?" I asked the nurse.

"Yes, completely." She told me. It was so unlike Sam to be so quiet and motionless it was errie.Finally, it came time to go to the dentist chair. I carried Sam in and laid him down. He was totally cool about it. He even got special headphones to watch Cars on the ceiling.Now he wasn't as enthusiastic about the gas... aka piggy nose. Can you blame him?

He was a little angel up until the shot. He didn't want anything to do with the dentist after that. I felt like such a jerk as I had to help hold him down so they could fix the cavity. My only consolation was knowing he wasn't going to remember this! Drugs are good for something!

He was upset for the rest of the time. Frustrated beyond reason because he couldn't use his arms or legs and his head was so blasted heavy he couldn't hold it up on his own.

Nephi on the other hand, was pleased with himself. He got a treat and a balloon. And what did Sammy get? Only a new filling, numb mouth and a body that wasn't functioning right.

Sometimes life is just not fair!!!


Tobi said...

Anyone all drugged up who isn't normally that way is pretty hilarious. Sammy sounds especially funny while on meds. I'm so jealous that he got to watch Cars while he was getting his teeth worked on. Going to the dentist was torture when I was young and still is! Next time I'm demanding a movie. =)

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

oh man, I lived in fear of my son having a cavity altho it never happened. i dont know why really, must just be his teeth.

Meagan and John said...

wow, if you hadn't mentioned that was sam, I don't think I would have recognized him--he even looks different in these photos

How is he feeling now?

Jill said...

I think you have a great dentist! It was really weird to see Sammy so motionless. I can see why you secretly enjoyed it but thought it was eerie, too.

My sister-in-law is a dental hygenist. Every time we go, my husband wants the gas... even for just a cleaning. I guess some of us still enjoy the silly side of it.

Robert Brems said...

That is just too funny. It'd be nice to have some of those meds on hand!

Our Family said...

Poor Sammy. At least it's over with! That head shot of Sammy made me laugh. He looks SOOOOOOOOOO relaxed!

Single Mama NYC said...

I was literally laughing out loud reading the part about Sam getting the giggles! That was hilarious!

I can relate to the holding him for the first time in a long while thing. Theo has never been a huggy-kissy kind of baby and I hardly ever get to hold him at all.

Great post, Cat!

Mama Nut said...
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