Thursday, September 24, 2009

Best Homemade Halloween Costumes!

In honor of one of my favorite holidays, I am going to have a Best Homemade Halloween Costume Contest! Woo Hoo... and the winners actually win prizes. What? You want to know what the prizes are? Well, aren't we greedy!

Actually, I don't know yet. Prizes to be announced! (If you would like to contribute a prize, email me!)

I will tell you all more details as Halloween gets closer, but I wanted to warn you all to get your pictures in early.

To enter my Best Homemade Halloween Costume Contest, you need to do the following:

Email me: a picture along with a short description.

That's it! My email is: nutsinanutshell(at)gmail(dot)com

Remember: It has to be homemade! No cheating! And don't forget to tell me about it, sometimes the story behind the costume is BETTER than the costume!

The costumes can be for children or adults.

Good luck everyone and I can't wait to see your creativity!! Here are a few of mine:
Sammy just the right size to be Alvin! (12 mo)

Ben's Redneck costume -- I out did myself with that t-shirt!

And my favorite, only because I had so much fun making it, Thomas the Tank.

I also did a cute scarecrow when Sammy was 2, but I couldn't find the picture! Oh, well.

2011 UPDATE:  For those of you peeking in for some great Homemade Ideas, you can see more pictures in the following posts:

I hope you find what you are looking for!!!


Tobi said...

Great job with the homemade costumes. I love Ben's redneck outfit.

In my household costumes come from the store. Their was only one year I "made" my son's costume. I wanted him to be a hunter but I couldn't find a hunter costume. So I bought him some fake camo pants and a vest that really looked like something a hunter would wear. I also bought him a fisherman's hat. Just cause. =)

Damaris said...

You come up with the cutest costumes! I loved the Thomas one and I'm excited to see this year's!

Jill said...

My daughter has been a caramel for the last 2 years. And I did make it myself because have you ever seen a caramel costume in the store? Leave it to my daughter to ask to be something so unique/rare/odd. I will definitely e-mail it to you.

Our Family said...

These were all great. You're so creative! I'm torn for a favorite, but I think I'm leaning towards Ben's. Please tell me he wore that to a church Halloween party. :o)

Andrea said...

You're amazing-can I be just like you when I grow up? I wish I had something amazing to share, but I don't! I can't wait to see what other people send you!

Otter Thomas said...

Alvin is awesome. The redneck looks like half the people at my local Wal-Mart

Jen said...

So what qualifies as homemade? Can it be different clothing items from a thrift store thrown together or altered? Like a graduation gown turned into a Hogwarts uniform or a red coat turned into Captain Hook's coat, etc. You know, semi-homemade. Does that qualify?

Pamela Donnis Designs said...

gosh, everytime I see that Thomas costume I love it all over again!!!!!! You did such an awesome job on it.

Barbara Cook said...

Awww they are sooo cute! I fell in love with little boy in red, wow, he's so adorable! Nice halloween costume ideas. I will definitely look forward for this year's halloween costume.

Feel free to check out my post featuring homemade halloween costumes too.

Happy Halloween!
Homemade Halloween Costumes