Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And the Golden Nut Goes to....

I decided to go with a theme this week... food. One of my all time favorite subjects... food.

The Golden Nut Award goes to 2 of my first followers, and loyal friends. Both have blogs to do with food... one way or another.

The first goes to Jill at Jill's Recipes.
Jill is my sister's sister-in-law and also a fabulous cook!!!! No kidding! Check out this recipe for Sinful Chocolate Turtle Cheesecake!! Or this one for Cream Cheese Lasagna Roll-ups! And there are hundreds more!

The Second goes to a new blog by Ari aka "Our Family" at Let's Get Caking!

Now, I am not the best cake maker on the planet, but Ari's blog has so many easy tips that I find myself having hope for the future! I really like the tip on making cakes less flaky and easier to carve here. And I LOVE these Cake Apples!

I know you will all have a blast exploring these blogs, they are awesome and deserve LOTS of attention. So pop on by and say hi!


Our Family said...

Thank you, Cat. You are so sweet. I'm so excited to win the Golden Nut Award!

Congratulations to Ben on his graduation!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

Whooo-hoooo! Food blogs!!! my favorite :) thanks for passing a few more on


Jill said...

Yeah for me! If you want, I'll bring you a piece tomorrow when I'm your direction. Of course, your diet will go way off course. But it's worth it... so worth it. You know you want a piece. :)

Nina said...

Ok, now I know where to go next time I want to bake a cake. I don't have a great cake baking history. Last time I decided to go the easy route and buy a ready mix- somehow I still managed to mess that up!;)