Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So Who gets the Golden Nut this Week?


It was a tough choice!! This week I would like to award it to two people. They go together like "peas and carrots" and I just couldn't award the Golden Nut to one and not the other!

The Golden Nut goes to my favorite cousins (to each other, not me):

Jordan from "Mean Mommy Acadamy"
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Camryn from "Mean Mommy University"
mean mommy blue button

These two crack me up! I read their stuff all the time... even if I don't comment, sorry.... LOL.

So before you do anything else, go check out these sites!!

A couple more things worth mentioning:

1. I am still looking for someone to guest post on "Cat Spills the Beans" -- To share some blog tricks with our readers. I am getting pretty good traffic on there for only going a few weeks.
2. I sure love you guys!!


Our Family said...

Congratulations, Mean Mommies! You both make me laugh!

Nina said...

Ok, going to check out their sites now.

Single Mama NYC said...

1. Congrats Winners!
2. Love you too, Cat!

Pam said...

Congrats to the two Golden Nuts!

{jordan} said...


{I promised myself I wouldn't cry...*sniff*}

And I'll let you be a part of the family, too! We'd love to have you! You rock chica- don't ever stop!

Camryn said...

Thank you so much!! Jordan, I'm sending tissues your way! wait...suck. Sorry girl, I forgot! My baby boy just ripped them up into shreds this morning and stuffed his cheeks full to perfect his talent for spit wads to shoot them at his older sisters. (He aims for the squeal factor)


THANKS CAT!! I am proudly displaying my Golden Nut! WOOHOO!

I'm going to go reward myself with cookies (Yes this is plural)...AND to go with it-- a new box of tissues :)