Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Sleep Over in Idaho

My mom came up to visit the boys and me for a few days and help out. It has been GREAT to have someone else helping out with dishes and laundry and even letting me have a little nap here and there. On Monday, we packed the kids up in "Grandma's Truck" (which is really a cross-over but the boys think that if it isn't a car, it must be a truck) and took a road trip to Idaho to visit my sister who is living with her in-laws right now while trying to find a house.

It was an interesting trip. Sam was kicking the back of the seats, Nephi was yelling "No" for no apparent reason, all the while my mom keep looking for the potatoes."Where's all the potatoes?" she asked a few times.

"I don't know," I would say.

I feel bad for people who live in Idaho. I would hate to have the potato stigma attached to me. My mom calls them "Spuds". Could that be a racial/ ethnic slur? Or is it just dogging people from Idaho? Or it could be a compliment, you know, a term of endearment: "Go Spuds!" I personally have nothing against people from Idaho. They seem like a friendly bunch, and contrary to popular belief they do eat more things than potatoes and they don't all farm them either. My mom didn't spot one potato field as we drove though... then again, maybe we just didn't know what we should be looking for.Anyway, my sister's in laws live in a very spread out town, and it seemed like we were driving out to no where. But we got there safe and sound and everyone was happy to see us. It was a great visit. They had a nice big beautiful home, with plenty of stuff for my boys to get into. Surprisingly, though, they did well. It only took unscrewing the light bulbs and taking away a pair of scissors to get them to go to sleep. I slept in the family room with my mom and sister who giggled like little girls having a sleepover. I suggested we play Truth or Dare, but they weren't into that. Party poopers. Instead they just whispered and laughed. I don't remember this, but they claimed I woke up and told them to stop acting like little girls and go to sleep.

I can so see myself saying that... even in my sleep. Especially in my sleep.

Mostly, the whole trip was a success, if you don't count the fact my mom forgot her suitcase, we had a blast. The boys were good on the way home... mostly because they slept most of the way. And we made it back to the Nutshell all safe and sound. However, there was one major disappointment. Our hearts were deeply disappointed that we didn't get to stop at the Potato Museum. When we saw the sign for it on the freeway, my mom wondered if that was where they housed the potatoes that looked like famous people. Dang! I could of had my picture taken next a potato that resembles Donald Trump. Bummer. Maybe next time....

In honor of Idaho, I hope everyone has a "Spud"tastic Day!



Our Family said...

Hahahaha! Unscrewing the light bulbs was genius!

DaveandRuth said...

Sounds like a good trip to Idaho. Your mom is not alone in that I would probably look for he potatoes, if I went there.

Tera said...

I'll have to remember the unscrewing-the-lightbulb trick. Pure genius!

Jill said...

Catherine! I am so sad you guys didn't stop at Reed's Dairy! It would have totally been worth the drive. Screw the diet!!!

Jill said...

Oh by the way.... in case you don't know what Reed's Dairy is. They make the BEST EVER homemade ice cream. Oh man it is the best. And I'm not kidding.