Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sammy gets a Zit

The other morning, I woke up to Sammy crying from his bedroom. I jumped out of bed and ran to his room. I found him curled in a ball in front of the door, just sobbing.

"What's wrong, sweetheart?" I asked as I bent down to comfort him. Was he sick? Was he teething? Or just plain grumpy?

"Owie..." he said between sobs.

"Owie? Where does it hurt?" He didn't move. "Sammy, where does it hurt?" He pointed to his nose. I squinted down at his nose and couldn't see anything, no bruises and it wasn't bleeding. Then I turned on the light and took a closer look. I had to hold back chuckling when I noticed he had a zit right on the tip.

I couldn't have happened to a more deserving kid... LOL.

When he noticed I was smiling he freaked out and started yelling owie and pointing to his nose frantically. I knew he was really telling me how intensive I am in his time of need. How dare I laugh when he is in the throws of agony. I should be taking his temperature, rubbing medicine on it, and a band aid would be nice too! I should be making a sick nest for him on the couch with lots of movies, a cup of Sprite, and a wash cloth to lay on his forehead. He was in pain and I was laughing at him! What kind of mom am I?!

"For crying out loud, Sam, it's just a zit!" He looked at me wide eyed. "You can't even hardly see it!" I didn't have to say, "buck up" for him to know that I wasn't going to baby him today because of a zit. Oh, brother. From the way he was acting, you would think he looked like this:Well, all I can say is "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree..." (See this post about when his daddy was sick). I guess the whole "men are babies" when they are sick, starts at a very young age.

What do you think?



Anonymous said...

Oh my, what's it going to be like when he is 16? If I were you I'd start stocking up on the Pro-Active now. :-)

Practically Perfect... said...

Oh gosh, that is so funny!!

Amber Lynae said...

That is funny. Tell him if it grow really big he can help rodolph lead the slay.

Jill said...

Men when they are sick are such babies. Sorry men! You just are. We moms still have to go on about our day. Sam, I wish you luck in your journey. :)

Lydia said...

Did you pop it? then it would just be gone. and I would rather have 6 sick kids then 1 sick hubby.

Our Family said...

Wow, that's a whopper!

Cynthia said...

Oh, it definately starts at a young age. Good luck!