Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Paranoid of Peepers

There you have it. Something weird about me. I am totally afraid of people peeping in my windows at me. Not because it bothers me so much that they would actually like what they see, but that they won't! I have nightmares of me coming in my bedroom from taking a shower and hearing gagging noises coming from outside my window! Even worse if followed by a small flash or the sound of a camera shutter. Good grief! I could end up on the internet! Posted on www.uglythingsisawwhilepeepinginwindows.com !!!

Every single night, I carefully close all the blinds and pull the curtains over them -- one has to have both you know! Just one or the other provides peeky holes. In the morning, before I open them, I have to be fully dressed.

When Ben and I first got married and living in the trailer, there were no blinds or curtains. Wait, that's not entirely correct. There was a tiny blind that covered only a quarter of our living room window. That really bothered me. What was the point of taking the time to put up blinds that only covered 1/4th of a window. Please!

Anyway, Ben would walk around in his underwear for all the peepers out there to see! It drove me crazy! I told him not to do that until we get blinds, someone might see or worse take a picture!

"Who would bother taking a picture of me in my underwear?" He asked me one day.
"I would..." I said.
"Only because your my wife, duh." He rolled his eyes. "What if I were a stranger?" I almost said something smart like, well, then you wouldn't be walking around my house in your underpants then... But I didn't instead I said:
"Well, you do have a sexy butt...." He laughed.
"Okay, let's put it this way. What if we saw Henry (our Mexican-Danny-Devito-with-hair landlord) walking around in his underwear? Would just stop and stare or even take a picture?"
"Ben that is a terrible comparison! I am not even going to justify that with an answer!" He just laughed and we let it go.

That day I put up curtains.

I have become more paranoid since Ben left. The fact that some random person would peek on me is a little freaky. Ben says I need to stop being so "self-centered" and remind myself that people really don't think about me, peeping on me, or even taking pictures of me in my underwear.

He's right.

But I will still close my blinds and curtains tonight!


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Our Family said...

I like my windows to be covered, too...especially when my husband is away from home. He thinks I'm paranoid because I double lock all of the doors, even during the day. :o)

Amber Lynae said...

Windows uncovered at night FREAKS me out. We have skylights in the livingroom and sometimes those even worry me. Even if I know I will not be in the room I still have to be certain that the curtains are closed.

Tobi said...

I a true believer that any paranoia's you may have had beforehand are magnified once your husband leaves for an extended period. I couldn't sleep at night unless all the windows were covered and locked. All the doors had to be locked too. Then I would take my cell phone into my bedroom and sleep with it. Also I kept a maglite (a metal flashlight) in my bedroom. A metal flashlight would really hurt if you hit an intruder with it. =)

So your not the only paranoid wife out there!

Anne Alagna said...

I cant stop snickering.

I have the same problem. I grew up out in the middle of nowhere, but every night as it got dark, we would close all the blinds and curtains. Even on the windows that faced the trees. So I grew up doing the same thing... closing curtains that looked out onto private patios with 6 foot tall fences that no one could see over without being ridiculously obvious.

What is even funnier is that after all this time, I still have the problem... but worse.

Let me Explain: We moved into this house 4 years ago. I never sewed the roman shades for the front room (the fabric is in a bag under my bed). Every night I go around the house freaking out because it is 9pm and all the lights are on and all the blinds are open. I close all the blinds. I feel better. Then I go sit in the front room (no blinds here) and watch TV with my husband.... or carry on with some friends until the wee hours of the morning.

I never thought anything of it until my husband, who sleeps most nights on the couch in the front room, asked about the ETA of the blinds. Apparently he doesnt like neighbors being able to see what he watches on TV. I hadnt even thought about it. I mean I had closed all the blinds. snicker snicker.

I have issues!

And I need to finish those blinds already!

Melissa Miller said...

Oh my goodness! My hubby is EXACTLY like you. He thinks people can see in even in the bright daylight. HEHE! Sorry about the article. I'll have to check it out.

I'm having my B-day giveaway if you would like to stop by and enter. You're always welcome!

~Blessings ~Melissa :)

Meagan and John said...

Nothing like getting "intimate" to discover your butt is facing the open window--

when we moved into the first house we ever rented there were no window coverings what-so-ever and we couldn't afford any, and so our windows went coverless for months, we had a big headboard that was infront of the window facing the street, our other window look out into a vacant house, but we would always tease that there might be video/pictures of us out there and we will never see any of the royalties

There was a window in the bathroom that the tub was under and it went without covers for the first year we lived there, and to be truthfully honest it didn't both me one bit because the window faced a bunch of trees, we weren't too worried then, but now that our neighbor brags about video production, is single/lives alone, and creeps me out I am big time about keeping the windows in our bedroom and bathroom covered all the time, every now and again I open the window in the bathroom and forget about it, but that is very far and in between, and the as soon as I realize it I quickly close it--my neighbor really gives me the perv vibe and I am not takign any chances (unless he cuts me in on the royalties)

becca said...

I had an experience with a peeper - 1996 in my first apartment in NYC (we faced an alley)... I lived on the first floor and i was up at 5:00 in the morning to go to the gym... I was getting dressed (topless at the moment) and looked over and there was this face pressed up against my window! I dropped to the floor and screamed! I never opened my window shades again after that! Totally freaked me out and will always be ingrained in my head!

Practically Perfect... said...

I'm the same exact way. As SOON as it starts to get dark outside I have to close the blinds, because I know that it's easier to see in a house when it's dark out and the lights are on. My husband thinks I'm nuts. I've never had a peeping tom experience, but my husband almost got his eyes clawed out once when he decided to sneak up on me while I was taking a shower. He stood on the toilet, peered over the curtain, and said "Hi there." I screamed and went right for his face. I'm fairly certain that any peepers would elicit a similar reaction, ha ha!

{jordan} said...

I just breathed a HUGE sigh of relief knowing that I am not the only one who does this...THANK you...