Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nephi's Revenge

I got a call last night from my mom, upset that I hadn't posted yesterday. Sorry about that everyone. I was feeling a little burned out and my house work was suffering. So, I found myself making a choice, blog or housework. I don't need to tell you which won this time. Not only did I get my kitchen and living room spick-and-span, but I went on 2 long walks yesterday too! Sometimes I pays to take a day off the blog.

Anyway, something super funny happened last night. I was giving the boys a bath -- I know, exciting, living on the edge! Daring to chance the flood that most likely comes from bathing my boys. My kids are so hard on the water, that it tries very hard to escape the tub.

The boys were covered in dirt, mac-n-cheese, sand, and something green.... I don't want to know! So I put them in the tub for some much needed soak time.

First Nephi pooped.

Not just any poop. One little turd followed by a green cloud. So out came the boys. I made them stand there naked while I fished out the floater and drained the rest with the water. After I refilled it, they jumped back in and played peacefully for a few minutes.

When the splashing started, I broke out the shampoo. Nephi first!

Now, I don't know about you, but rinsing out soapy hair has got to be the biggest drama moment in our house. They HATE it. They squirm and scream and rub the soap in their eyes... just making it worse! So I have this little game I play. They get 3 big cups of water dumped over their head really fast and then it is done and they get a dry washcloth to use on their face.

As I was doing Nephi's, Sammy started making fun of him and laughing hysterically. Which made Nephi cry even more! But when it was Sam's turn to get it, he was way more whinny than Nephi who decided that he was going to laugh louder than Sam had. He just kept laughing and laughing and I thought Sam was going to bean him in the head with a bath toy.

"Nephi!" I said, "Calm down! What's your problem?"
He stopped laughing. Looked me right in the eyes, and my little 2 year old said: "Payback."

First off, where did he learn that!? And second, what a little wise guy to actually know the connotation!

I waited until I left the room to laugh. I didn't want to encourage revenge... but you have to admit, it was pretty darn funny!

You have any good bath time stories?



Kimberly said...

I think 2 year olds are more capable of understanding a language than we realize. Just when I think I have a handle on what a child knows, he/she will say something that blows me away! "Payback" is a word/meaning you'd think a 5 year old might understand, but WOW! your 2 year old does! I guess it just goes to show us that we teach them more than we realize!!

Tobi said...

I love that you wrote your boys are so hard on the water that it tries to escape the tub. Very clever lady!

Before my kids were potty trained my tub was gigantic toilet to the little stinkers. Every time I gave them a bath one of them was gleefully peeing or pooping in the tub.

Practically Perfect... said...

Oh my word - that is so funny that he said that! I have to admit, though, reading about the poo in the bathtub made me re-think about having kids in the next 2 years... I dealt with that enough with my 6 younger siblings, and I'm not too sure I'm ready for it again just yet!

Single Mama NYC said...

Oh. My. Gosh! That is hysterical!!! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to wait until I left the bathroom to laugh!

Jill said...

There are times that it is just so hard to keep the laughter in that it almost makes you explode. We've had many moments like that as well. Too funny! Thanks for the laugh.

And, I'm sure your house appreciates you taking a day off the blog. I know my house appreciated it a couple of days ago. I always joke that it's gonna grow legs and walk off with itself if I don't start scrubbing!

Our Family said...

I love that story! "Payback!" Hahahaha! My five-year-old loves baths, but hates having his hair washed. It's always such an ordeal. The only way I can get him to hold still is by rolling up a towel and holding it tight around his eyes, then rinsing out the shampoo.

Frenzymom said...

Payback that is so funny. It cracks me up the things little ones say and what they hear when you don't think they are listening.

C.J. said...

Loved visiting your blog and catching up on the posts today. You have a wonderful way of seeing the humor and fun in everyday situations. I'm happy to check in and find you continuuing to do so well as a "temporarily single" parent and with your weight loss. I love the kid stories. For some reason, I got a child who (so far) honestly almost never misbehaves, schemes, talks back or does any of the other normal stuff like pooping in the tub. This has made him a really easy child to raise (again, so far), but leaves me with few funny stories to tell. I was secretly a little happy when he wrote on Grandma's wall the other day. I guess he makes up for this by being a very fun, goofy and loving little chatterbox. I bet we both wonder how soon our "more clever than we even think kids" will be able to outsmart us.