Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Mysterious Hickey

After I woke up the other morning and put my contacts in, I noticed that I had a hickey-looking thing on my neck! What the heck!?

I started to think back to what I might have done to get it. Was it just a dry patch of skin? No, I don't think so. What about a crazy sunburn spot? No, not that either. One thing I knew for sure, it wasn't from Ben... And I WAS NOT necking with some other guy either... Gross!

Then where did this come from?!

I made sure to wear a high neck tee so no one would be wondering where I got a hickey while my husband was out of town.

Now, this is where the story gets funky. The next morning I woke up with another one! Seriously! Was it some kind of fungus? I googled it... no, that didn't sound right. Well, maybe I had the plague and I was dying! No, the pictures I found on the net looked nothing like the mysterious hickeys on my neck.

I was frustrated, confused, and I was running out of cute tees to wear. So I decided I was going to execute a sting operation in the middle of the night and see where these where coming from.

It was silent as I lay in bed. Then I felt something on my neck. Oh, freak! What was it!?

The culprit... my mysterious necking buddy was none other than a... Mosquito! That's right, the hickeys were actually mosquito bites. It was like my own private version of Twilight. Little vampires visiting me at night. Makes me feel a little less lonely... well, almost.



Florida Girl In Sydney said...

I had the same thing-- mine were ant bites!

Lydia said...

My sister-in-law, who was my friend first, stuck a suction cut to her forehead in high school only to find out that it left a beautiful hickey. try explaining that one to a parent, they just laughed and laughed.

Jill said...

Eeeeew! I hate mosquitoes. My daughter is allergic to them. She gets a bite and her whole calf of her leg swells up. Yeah, not a good idea to go walking around with hickeys while Ben's gone. Don't want to give the folks around there the wrong idea. ;) Have fun with your sister this week!

Our Family said...

hahahaha! I like your comparison of vampires and mosquitoes.

Single Mama NYC said...

LOL!!! I just know Ben will be glad to read that mystery has been solved. ;-)

I got mauled by mosquitoes recently too -- my calves look like I have the mumps!