Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My First "Mad as Heck" Comment

I usually only post once a day (check out my funnyish post underneath) but I just had to add this. Momlogic posted an article today about Kid Harnesses that really ticked me off. I have NEVER EVER left a mean comment (on purpose, anyway), but the guy who wrote it really angered me. So I left a not so nice comment. Most of you know how I feel about Kid Harnesses... if you don't click here. And get this, the guy is a teacher, but he isn't a parent. Figures.

If you want to view the article and see my not-so-nice comment, here is the link: http://www.momlogic.com/2009/08/lifes_a_drag_kid_on_a_leash.php



Andrea (ace1028) said...

Oh man, one of those people made me so angry that I had to close it and walk away. Seriously. Talk to your children? Thanks, lady, that's wonderful advice. Try me again when she isn't about ready to tear down the displays at Target!

Shannon said...

Wat to go Cat!!! I read the article...if you could call it that & all the comments. People really are ignorant & I love how people try to say "just talk to your child". Come on. My youngest is almost 3 & HATES to hold my hand. I don't have a harness but I have considered it. I'll be holding his hand & he'll throw himself on the ground & then it looks like I"m yanking his arm out of his socket....so what are people going to say when they come across that situation??? That I'm hurting my child when I'm trying to keep him SAFE!! Try talking it out with your toddler when they are in the middle of a battle of wills. People are extremly ignorant & then some lady said that she just assumes that there's something wrong with kids that have the harness on. Whatever!!! Kids are very strong willed but they are far from rational. That author said that kids can be rational. Ya....how bout you go get a kid of your own & try raising him/her instead of only meeting them for a couple hours a week. Whatever!!! Your post about harnesses helped me to realize that they are useful & I sometimes wonder if I would offend my friend if I got her one. I usually end up just picking my son off the ground & battling with him in my arms. I should've left a comment over there but I thought you'd appreciate it more. Hope you are having a good day.

Catherine said...

Your comment was right on, girl! I'm so proud of you. Like you, I was laughing at the irony of how the author of the article is not even a PARENT! What an idiot.

Thanks for commenting for all of us, Cat. I feel the same way you do. I too have a son who's wiggly and energetic, but also so cute like your boys, that he could likely be kidnapped if I didn't use the backback leash, especially at places like the zoo.

You're my MOM-HERO today! :)

Pam said...

Good for you for voicing your opinion. And your tone was forceful, though not disrespectful - unlike the author of the post. He is definitely mixing up apples and oranges. The woman should not have been dragging her child (though he didn't seem to be stuggling. He didn't seem to be bothered by it at all, really). But that doesn't mean that harnesses are bad. Dragging is bad. Harnesses are a tool. Some kids need them. Parents who have toddlers that are "rational" and that they can "talk" to don't need a harness. Those of us who have kids who are not quite so docile, need all the help we can get.

Meagan and John said...

ya yours might have been mad as heck, but I am almost certain mine included cussing, I had to retype it so many times I can't quiet remember which version I ended up actually posting (it rejected a few of mine, probably because they were too long)

in the jiff the point my post was trying to get across was "harness for toddler good, toddler+stroller-being able to walk=childhood obesity

yeah, using a leash on a child might be treating them like a dog, but look at how well behaved dogs are--maybe there is something to learn from that

and, last but not least, that child was not in danger, the leash was not around her neck (unlike with dogs), she was being dragged on a smooth surface, and obviously it wasn't hurting her or she would have gotten up and walked rather than allowing her mom to drag her even further.

Seriously, if people would spend as much time parenting their children rather than judging others on how their parent Cops and prison guards wouldn't have job security or such high paying salaries--

hate me if you must, but I am siding with the mom on this one--because at least she had the nerve to be the parent

Shannon said...

Meagan & John....after reading your comment I wondered...maybe the mom & kid do this all the time. What if it is a game they play....lol...probably not the best game to play...but people do funny stuff. My husband said....maybe she was just "done". Anyway....just wanted you to know that I'm on your side too.

Our Family said...

I think the vast majority of parents use the leashes to protect their children and do not abuse them. I don't think the mother should have been dragging her child the way she did in the video, but I also don't agree with the author's opinion of people who use child leashes.

{jordan} said...

Way to go! I'm so proud of you! You have the courage that I don't- you ROCK!

mrs.notouching said...

The comments on that article are just shocking... who knew there is so much ignorance out there. Your comment was right on.