Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just Like My Mom!

Hi! It's me, Sam. I know you haven't heard from me in a while, but I have been really busy. Being the man of the house is a big job. It takes a lot of wisdom, strength, and a whole lot of leadership to run this household. Since Dad has been gone, I have stepped up to the plate and taken charge.

Mom thinks she's she boss because she is bigger. But really, I run the show.

I have to give her credit, though. She gives me lots of training on how to be bossy, and shows me all sorts of tricks to get Nephi to do what I want. Mom even lets me take control sometimes.

"Nephi, come on! Let's go inside and have lunch!" Mom will call to Nephi across the playground to come and eat. I stand by mom's side, my hand on my hips letting Nephi know that mom is serious, we really are going to have something good to eat like Mac-N-Cheese or corn dogs.

Nephi ignores mom and keeps playing on the grass. Mom calls him 2 more times and he still doesn't move. Now I know she is going to have me do my thing.

"Sam, go get Nephi." I take off across the grass like lightening towards my little brother. He sees me coming and knows he's in for it. He jumps up and starts to run, but I am much faster. I grab his hand.

"Come come, Ruffy!" I say to him. "Ruffy" is what I call him... I can't say "Nephi" to well yet.

"NO!!!" Nephi screams. The big baby. There is nothing he can do, though. I drag him by the arm across the field to where mom is waiting. I'm already beaming at the praise that has yet to come.

"Good boy, Sam! Thank you so much for getting Nephi for me!" Mom rubs my head. I like it. I'm cool beans.

Sometimes I have to get strict with Nephi. You know, remind him that I am the man, not him.

Yesterday, Mom was getting us out of the car. She freaks out if I walk too far away from the car when we are in the parking lot. So I quickly dashed to the safety of the grass. So did Nephi. Except he started walking away. I looked to mom to see if she saw him doing a naughty. She did.

"Nephi, get back here, we are going in the house!" She called. Nephi can be such a nut-wit! He totally ignored her... as always. I decided to show mom how I could take charge.

"Ruffy!" I called. "One... Two... Three!" I shouted at him. Mom always counts to three before we get in trouble... gives a chance to change, you know. I wanted Nephi to know that I was boss now. Nephi ignored me too. So I marched right over and grabbed his hand, and pulled him over to where mom was. She was laughing. Then she told me what a good boy I was and we all went into the house.

Someone has to be the man here. Mom isn't very manly, and sometimes Nephi doesn't treat her so good.... actually, I don't either -- but as the Man of the House, I reserve the right to do what I want, not Nephi.

Oh! I have to go, mom just turned on Thomas! See ya!

-Sam the Man

P.S. I decided to take my own picture for you today!


Shannon said...

That was funny!!

Lydia said...

Oh when kids think that they are the adult. sometimes it really is a help and others well... Just be a kid your only one for so long, just listen to me, please.

Amber Lynae said...

I'm glad that you help your little brother Sam. Just know when you are older he might get bigger than you. :)

Otter Thomas said...

I think I will name our next kid Ruffie. It has a nice ring to it. Funny post.

Tobi said...

Way to be a big helper Sam the Boss Man! Thanks for helping out your sweet Mama while Daddy is off training.

Frenzymom said...

Sam you are such the "big man" and a great helper to your mom. You are too cute!!

Pam said...

Sam is quite little Mommy's Helper. I think it's so sweet that does what he can to keep his brother safe. What a great kid!

Catherine said...

Thanks for the laugh! Emily will copy things I say, too (scary!) and displine and boss her little brother to pieces. If he gets tired of it though, he just body slams her. And I just roll my eyes at the two of them...again!

Our Family said...

You're an awesome photographer, Sam! I like your nickname for Nephi. I wonder if it'll stick. :o)

Single Mama NYC said...

Loved loved LOVED that! Sam the Man is so awesome!!!