Saturday, August 22, 2009

I Got a Picture!! And... WOW!

Now, I am well aware of the fact that every woman think her man is the hunkiest stud muffin out there. But I am telling you, my hunky man just keeps getting studlier everyday!!

However, if you remember, I was upset when he shaved his facial hair. I mourned for the loss. I LOVED his sexy goatee and sporty 'stache! I seriously cried.

I begged him not to shave his head until after he left for basic training! I couldn't handle more loss of beloved hair. I was afraid he was going to turn dorky on me. I know I am such a jerk. But I think we all have things we love about our spouses we REALLY don't want to change.

Ben has been gone for two months today. And he NEVER sent me a picture of him until this week. I was afraid to look at first, when I got it in a text message. Then when I saw it, I did a double take. OH. MY. GOODNESS! What a HUNK! He was buff!!! And even looked dang sexy with no hair! I would not have recognized him had I run into him in the street!

Okay, here are the before and after pictures, I know you all have been DYING to see -- well, actually, I have been dying to show them off. LOL.

Ben with facial hair:

Ben after he shaved, but before he left for basic (and Me looking 16 pounds heavier!):

Ben now: (Drop dead sexy GI Joe)
Now, I don't expect you to drool over my man... actually, please don't, and if you do, remember he is MINE! Hands off. LOL. Basically it's all just a matter of prospective. Good for me for loving my hubby... and good for you for loving yours :) Isn't life great that way!?

Anywho... I would love to hear your stories of spouses making major look changes! Do share! Especially all you Military wives out there who have gone through this too!


Jared and Vanessa said...

Okay, so I typed a whole comment, and the thing didn't post. So here is attempt number two.

When Jared and I got married, he was 195. Upon returning home from Afghanistan, just a little over a year later, I didn't recognize him when he got off the plane. In fact, I waited there (he was one of the first people off the plane) until everyone unloaded the first plane and then walked over to the second plane and waited until all the soldiers got off. When I didn't see him get off any of the planes, I turned around, and there he was, 20 pounds heavier. I love it though, he is big and bulky now, instead of shrimpy looking.

Lydia said...

I don't remember how much of a weight change my hubby had during basic but I do remember that he changed. I went to his graduation and got to check him out the night before. If you call it a night he had to be back about 2am but any time was great, even if it was spent in a less then great hotel. Any way when his group marched in and lined up in formation I looked and looked, then after giving up on looking for his face I started looking for the tall ones, my guy is 6'4 and that is the only way that I found him. I think that they change at basic, the young really immature ones mature a little and the older ones(married with kids)ones become real leaders. Either way the change is a good one.

Pam said...

I think Ben looks great in all the picture, but my favorite is the one of the two of you together. You both look so happy. Now here's what I want to know... have you sent him a picture of yourself 16 pounds lighter. I bet he'd love to see that!

Mama Nut said...

Pam-- I love all those pictures! And we are very happy together. I love Ben in all our phases in life. I am lucky to have a hunk who loves me chunky and skinny just the same. And YES I did send him a thinner picture of me and he accused me of photoshoping it LOL!

Jill said...

I can't believe how different he looks. The picture of the two of you is really sweet. Two months down! Way to go! :)

Guilty Mother said...

Hey, great pics! There is definitely something about a man in uniform but I love my hubbie in his suit, very sexy. Hope you're feeling better

Tobi said...

Ben looks great! Joel lost about 20 pounds in Basic. At his graduation my sister in law had to point him out to me. I would NOT have recognized him if I saw him on the street. He looked so dang hot!

Amy said...

My hubby looks pretty much the same as he did when we met... and he is still just as sexy... and I love it! Sure he is hotter now... but he didn't go through and big changes. To me he is hot, always has been, always will be, and I am always reminding him of it. And his cute little butt.. makes me crazy!!!