Friday, August 14, 2009

Fat Butt Friday: Remind me Why I am doing this Again?

It was Thursday night, and there I was in the freezer isle at Wal-Mart with my nose pressed up against the glass door. Bryers Cookie Dough Ice cream was calling out my name, trying to seduce me into succumbing. My hand was on the handle of the door...

What does it matter, I told myself. Why am I even doing this to myself? Is this diet even going to work? If it doesn't, then I could be wasting my life away eating lettuce and tuna, when I could be savoring the sweet taste of heaven.

My hand was snaking into the freezer when I heard a little voice from behind me say, "No, Mommy." It was Nephi sitting in the cart staring at me with those big blue eyes.

"What?" I asked, not sure I heard time right.

"No, Mommy." He said again.

I sighed.

He was right. I am going to do this! No cheating! I am going to feel good about myself and I am going to be a sexy babe when my hubby comes home and Bryers is NOT going to stop me. Thanks, Nephi for reminding me why I am doing this!!

Alright, here are my stats for the week:

Goal weight to lose: 50 pounds
Weight lost this week: 1
Total lost: 14

How about you?!

Note: For those of you who are new to Fat Butt Friday click here! For those of you joining in, don't forget to leave us your link, so we can come over and cheer you on!!!

10 comments: said...

Thank goodness for little helpers! =) Congrats on your progress so far- can't wait to join you when babe #2 makes his appearance!

Charity said...

don't you just love kids, they help out when you are least expecting it!

Practically Perfect... said...

Awww, that is so sweet that he said that :-) My weakness in the frozen treats aisle are those Weight Watchers ice cream candy bars. I always think, "But they're Weight Watchers, right? So I can eat more, right?!" And then I eat 3 of them for dinner. Ugh!

Otter Thomas said...

Hang in there. With a helper like that you can't lose.

Our Family said...

I love how kids are so good at keeping us in line. :o)

Adventures in Mother Venture said...

Ooo...funny post. We are doing a "biggest loser" competition with our neighbors (couples version). Losing couple has to spend all Labor Day with our combined 6 kids. Cool blog.

Cynthia said...

You're doing great! I'm so proud of the little guy for keeping you in line!

I'm down 35 lbs. but have been holding steady all summer. I thought I'd lose a bunch more weight but nope- hasn't been in the cards. Once school starts, I'm getting serious again!

Tobi said...

Good job resisting temptation!! You can do it girl!

Pam said...

Way to go! Keep your eye on the ball. This WILL work! You can do it!

Paula said...

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