Saturday, August 29, 2009

Daddy Nut? Who's That?

On Saturdays I usually write an update about Ben. However, I haven't received a letter from him in 3 weeks, and he hasn't called me in 11 days. I have no idea how he is doing, and frankly I am a bit ticked off about it.

Facebook has a page for the fort that he is at, and a bunch of parents, wives, girlfriends, etc, get on and ask questions or brag about getting letters and phone calls. Several say that their loved one from Ben's platoon called them this week. Yeah, ok, then how come I didn't get a call??

I know Ben is devoted to me, and there must be a really good reason he hasn't called me yet, but all I can say is that it better be a good one!

I am going through all the phases of a loved one feeling left behind and forgotten. First I was depressed, then extremely sad -- lots of crying and begging for the phone to ring (this lasted for a couple of days). Now I am in the anger phase. Ben better sound really sweet and loving if he calls me in this phase, because I am not a happy camper!

What phase comes next??

Your favorite, new Army Wife,


Ana said...

Unfortunately, this is one of those things about military life that is going to happen again and again. When he deploys for the first time, it will be worse (although, hopefully, you will have found some better ways of dealing with it!). The best advice I can give you is to stop asking everyone else if they have heard from their man. It's too painful when you seem like the only one who hasn't. Unless you are genuinely having problems in your marriage, it is pretty much never because he didn't want to call/send a letter/email you. It's because he couldn't/didn't have time/his mail got lost/his phone card ran out, etc., etc. It sucks, but it is just part of military life. So, hang in there, and try not to be too mad at him! Save that for when he messes up and you know it for sure.

Anonymous said...

awww. that sucks! i agree with ana. if it were me though, i would probably be mad too. cause mad is a heck of a lot easier than scared shitless! prayers that you find peace :)

DaveandRuth said...

The next phase is just being grateful he calls! I hope you are well. Patience is a virtue!!!

Mama Nut said...

You are all totally right!

I'm not really mad at him... just at the situation, I guess.

I know that he loves me, and I have always been super supportive of him -- not one day went by that I didn't write him. It's just hard sometimes.

I guess I am more worried than mad. :)

Jill said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that he will call soon. Just be sure to enjoy the phone call when he does call. I know you will.

Our Family said...

I hope you hear from him soon!

Tobi said...

Make sure you ask him why he wasn't able to call when you do finally get to talk to him. It always makes me feel better when I know why my hubby wasn't able to get in touch with me. But pretty much this is par for the course. You don't hear from them for several days and then they call and tell you they are still alive. Sucks but it's just something you learn to live with.