Thursday, July 2, 2009

You'll Thank Me Later!

I got an interesting email the other day from a lady who was promoting I was THRILLED. HowStuffWorks is my husband's all time favorite website! If you have never been there, you are missing out, seriously. If you have ever had a question about how you do anything, you can find it there. From baking the perfect cookie to how does the 3d TV work. They quizzes and "Incredible Facts" that really are what they say. I found the section on picking locks especially interesting... I would!Anyway, in the email she told me about a few features was doing for the summer/4th of July/ and other great stuff and asked me to tell you about it. I said, "SURE!" Now, I am going to cut and paste parts of the email, because she words it so much better than I could!

*Beginning of email-- just so you don't think it's me that is so awesome*

Where did the Declaration of Independence come from? Did Jefferson really write a precursor? Learn about the founding of our country and more with How Independence Day Works:

Celebrate with family and friends through Independence Day-themed crafts, patriotic recipes and fireworks as permitted locally.

Fourth of July Activities:

Family Vacations – Fourth of July Festivities:

Patriotic Recipes:

How Fireworks Work:

Explore the Science Behind the Suntan… and the Dreaded Sunburn

Ever wonder how suntans and sunburns work? What makes you turn red? Why does sunscreen work? Learn where your rosy summer color comes from:

What happens when you get too much sun? Learn the quickest ways to remedy that burn, or better yet, how to prevent it from happening again:

No matter what activity you have planned this summer, can help. From firework safety to ice cream, is the first step to building a fun – and safe – summer.

Host the Perfect Summer Barbeque With Expert Grilling Tips and Recipes

Let be your barbeque and ice-cream social planner with helpful tips and mouthwatering recipes.

Grilling Tips:

How Grills Work:

BBQ recipes:

How Ice Cream Works:

Ice Cream and Sorbet recipes:

*end of email*

So find something that interests you, go check it out, and if you want, we would love to hear your report in a comment!! So hurry up, what are you waiting for! You'll so thank me later!

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Single Mama NYC said...

Oooh, yay! Now I get to look stuff up and then spout it out later and pretend I'm really that fabulously clever because I know all of these amazing facts. Thanks! ;-)