Thursday, July 2, 2009

Talc in the Toilet and Other Adventures

I had my first break down yesterday. It wasn't pretty. It freaked out my kids. And I think I made my mom cry. Not my best day. But it ended well.

The apartment maintenance guys sprayed the lawn and the sand the day before yesterday with insecticide, so we couldn't go out to play. I am telling you, they should have sprayed in our house, because we had ants... ants in our pants, that is.

Sammy was up to his usual naughtiness, of course dragging Nephi into his exploits. Did I ever tell you we have no AC in The Nutshell? No vent. Not even a swamp cooler? I think the hot weather may have gotten to all three of us, and we were forced to act out of character. I was PMSing big time, Sammy was bouncing off the walls and eating more boogers than usual, and Nephi was whining about every little thing that he could and couldn't do!

Sam was being unusually "picky" about what he was putting in his mouth and refused to eat anything but he "caught" himself and pop tarts. When he was in his room for quiet time, he said under the door: "Pee Tee, Mama!" That means Pop Tart. Earlier that morning I gave him one by slipping it under the door. This, of course, was a great game! But this time, I wanted him to eat something with less sugar. So I thought I would trick him and push a cheese burrito under the door instead. Instantly he pushed it back. I pushed it back. This time he got mad and shoved out with force. Well, I guess that was a bad plan. No Pop Tart for you then!

After quiet time I took the boys to Home Depot to get an AC. I just couldn't live without one anymore! Now getting it home is a whole other adventure... but we made it and my neighbor upstairs even helped me get it in the house and install it while the kids played outside... yes, it was finally declared safe.

However, when the boys discovered this new feature in our house that blew out cold air, they didn't want to go outside. Instead they wanted to sit in front of it, eat Go-Gurts and watch cartoons. Go figure!

Now, let's rewind to three hours earlier just before quiet time. I caught the boys in the bathroom with a huge bottle of baby powder. I knew that Sam was planning on doing something very naughty with it and grabbed it away. Off to quiet time, boys. I made a quick scan of the bathroom and became rather pleased with myself for evading a potential crisis.

Fast forward now to two hours later. I need to use the potty, but when I open the lid I quickly discover where all the baby powder had gone... a WHOLE 14oz bottle had been dumped in the john. Oh, my gosh, what was I going to do?!

I threw the kids in the car and headed for Home Depot. I knew they had a plumbing guy there that could tell me what to do. Before I went and picked out my new AC, I went and found the guy who I knew would save my potty.

When I told him I had a toilet full of talc, his face turned white. I knew then, it wasn't going to be good. He said, "Well, as long as it hasn't been in there 20 minutes you are fine." To which I replied that it had been two hours. He rolled his eyes like he was talking to a dumb blond.

"The best advice I can give you, ma'am, is to scoop out what you can by hand, and then flush like hell. And I mean FLUSH LIKE HELL!" He warned me, his eyes bugging out. Great I thought. And he was supposed to be an expert.

Imagine my surprise when it worked!

So all you ladies out there that have devious kids, if they ever put baby powder in your toilet, remember the wise words of Mr. Home-Depot-Plumbing-Dude: FLUSH LIKE HELL!

What a great ending to an otherwise tiring day. Which reminds me, does anyone want this burrito?


Meagan and John said...

I want it, I want it--can i have the pop tart 2?

I'm not picky, I'll eat pretty much anything someone else has prepared (anything to save me from cooking it myself you know)

Yesterday someone threw the pellets taht weighted our bunny toy into our toilet, and throughout the frontroom while we were cleaning for dinner with the missionaries--it didn't clog our toilet but unfortunately flushing like hell didn't get them out.

Jill said...

I love the mental image I get of the guy at Home Depot when you explained your baby powder/toilet mess. I seriously doubted the "flush like hell" method, but I guess it worked!

Congrats on the A/C. It is a wonderful thing.

Jill said...

I was thinking about this post as I was driving to do my errands in town today. I think the title should be "Flush Like Hell." Totally catchy! I'd pick up a book in a book store if I saw that title. Just to see what it was about! Anyway, just thought I'd share my random thought. :)

Anonymous said...

haha i was just thinking that would be a catchy book title too. lol

Otter Thomas said...

How do you shove a burrito under a door? I guess it's the same concept of how I shove half a burger in my mouth.

Jenny said...

LMFAO!! that was funny. But I will remember because I know it's gonna happen someday.

BridgetJean said...

Cute story, everyone has bad days!!! Little ones can be a lot of work. When my now teenage daughter was 2 I remember she smeered vaseline all over my dresser. I've had cell phones in the toilet, you name it, I've been throught!!! And guess what it only gets more fun when they become teenagers!!! LMAO

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh thanks so much for stopping by today! SITS is so fun... I'm brand new there.

RebeccaMom said...

WOW, what a day! I think every kid puts something in the toilet at least once if not more (in our case more). Glad it went down... thanks for stopping by my blog SITSta :) hope you have a great day!

Camryn said...


Why does everything fall apart when the hubby has to go? Mine has to leave for buisness trips and school--and I tell you, EVERYTHING goes to pot. I now begin to expect disaster when he leaves.

Jen said...

Oh my you poor thing. What an ordeal, I feel like taking a nap after reading about your day.

Love&Marriage said...

too funny! I can only imagine the home depot's guy's face!

Anonymous said...

oh ya. don't feel too bad about the breakdown. as a mom ur entitled to a few:)

Tobi said...

That's a good tip for future bad behaviors. I'll have to remember that.

My own two kiddos discovered that baby formula and lotion make GLUE. So naturally they covered their bodies with it. I think I only had to drain and refill the tub four times to get them clean. =)

Kim said...

Sounds like a trying day but at least you got some good laughs and now some A/C. We have had to start rationing toilet paper in our house so I can feel a little of your pain with the powder in there. Wow!

Have a great weekend!

Single Mama NYC said...

Oh no! LOL. That is toooo funny. I can only imagine how filled with terror you were when you saw it all in the toilet. I can only imagine the misadventures Theo has in store for me. Thanks for at least keeping me alert on what to expect from my own little rascal. ;-)

Rocksee said...

Ohhh Sammy!

And girl.. NO AC?? You all must have been delrious!

I'm glad home depot got you all taken care of!

Our Family said...

Wow. Your description of the experience with the Home Depot guy was perfect. I suddenly felt a sense of dread when he basically said you were doomed.

I also got a flashback of the feeling I had when I asked a leather specialist what I could use to get some marks out of my leather couch. He listed a few things, then asked what kind of mark it was. When I said it was pen ink, the color drained from his face and basically told me I was out of luck.

Amy said...

Flush like Hell!?!? LOL That is hysterical! Gotta love days like that.... yeah right! :)