Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Playing with Fire


The boys and I went down to our home town to celebrate a state holiday this weekend. It was fun. In the morning, I took the boys to the parade. Some friends of ours let them sit in the back of their truck.
Now the thing I like best about small town parades, is the fact they still throw candy. My mom and I were on candy detail for the boys. We would swoop down and grab the goods before other kids had a chance. Take that!

The firemen were throwing Frisbees and I was SO going to get one for the boys. But I had to fight a little girl for it. It flew over our heads and landed under my stroller. She fell to the ground to dig it out when I yell, "HA HA! It is under MY stroller! I get dibs!! Too bad for you!" She looked at me like I was crazy. My mom looked at me like I was crazy.

"I can't believe you just took a Frisbee from a five year old!" My mom said.
"I didn't take it! It flew under MY property! That makes it MINE."
"Whatever..." she rolled her eyes. Then I could swear I heard her mumble something about me being childish. Isn't that what parades are for!? To bring out or inner child.
Ironically, just after my mom teased me about being a baby, she started jumping up and down waving her arms at the floats begging rather loudly for candy.... hmmm... and she wonders where I get my childishness... HA!

We went to the park and played some games. This is small town tug-a-war. Amazing....Grandpa took the boys for a little ride around the cemetery. They LOVE four-wheeling. This was just too cute:
That night we wanted to do a few fireworks with the boys. My dad proudly brings out his stash. What the heck...?

"Dad! Those are ancient! We got those when I was like eight!"
"I know, cool huh?"
"They could be dangerous! They're 20 years old. And what's that?!"
"It doesn't matter, they will still work. Oh, what? This?" he held up a suspicious looking firework.
"Yes, don't tell me that is a bottle rocket!?"
"Yeah, cool huh? I confiscated it years ago when I was on the force."
"You are NOT going to light that!" my mom chimed in in a threatening tone, probably remembering all the forest fires they get this time of the year.
"Why not?"
"Because YOU ARE NOT!!" my mom and I said simultaneously.
"Okay, fine." I think he was actually disappointed.

So he whipped out these old sparklers. And lit one. It was scary. It should have been illegal. It was actually shooting flames and totally freaked out the boys. Sam was too afraid to move, he was holding it.
And Nephi ran for cover.Needless to say, after that, the boys would have nothing to do with the scary sparklers.
This is the best picture I took! I laughed my butt off when I saw it. My dad is like: "Who wants this one!?"



Our Family said...

That tug-o-war looks like so much fun! I love the look on Sammy's face in the last picture. Smart boy, Sammy. Stay far away. :o)

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Stealing it out from under a little girls reach, shame on you.

(Okay so secretely I wouldn't done the exact same thing. You go!)

klynch said...

very cute I love the pictures of your kids and your dad!!
the tug of war thing -Awsome!!

Practically Perfect... said...

I love small town parades :-) We always, always, always went to the homecoming one in my hometown!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Did your small town festivities include bobbing for trout? Because my husbands' does. It's one of the reasons I swear we'll never move there. :)

Tera said...

It's true. There is nothing like a small-town celebration. I miss it. I'm glad no one was killed by the ancient fireworks :)

Barb said...

I was not jumping up and down for candy!!! Waving my arms maybe but not jumping up and down.

Mama Nut said...

Oh, there was jumping involved... don't deny it...

Andrea said...

That looks like fun! We went to a small town 24th of July celebration over the weekend too, it was a lot of fun-the kids loved all the contests and races they had. That's Filmore, right?

BTW-I can totally picture your Mom jumping up and down for candy, I don't know why she's denying it. :) She was always so fun and full of energy!

Lydia said...

Looks like fun I love "candy" parades.

Jill said...

That's what sparklers do. Hence the name... sparkler. My kids always loved twirling them around and trying to write their name in mid air.

And Barb, I'm sorry, but I can totally picture you jumping up and down for candy. :)

Farmer*swife said...

Too cute! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the laugh!

Amy said...

LOL!! That is SOOO dad to bring out the ancient firecrackers! And the sparklers!?!? Are you kidding me!?? LOL looks like a weapon from the military! (Has Ben been sneaking out top secret weapons and mailing them to you??)Hehe, gotta love the 24th in a small town :) Oh yeah, and the frisbee! Shame on you!! :)

Mama Nut said...

Jil -- the sparklers were like mini flame throwers... honestly, not like a sparkler at all... LOL.

Pam said...

Small town parades are the best. Tooling around with grandpa on an ATV at the cemetary - awesome! But, I'm with your boys. Fireworks scare me. I'm not a big fan, at all.

Jill said...

Mama Nut. I really was teasing you about the sparkler. I could tell from the picture that the "sparkler" wasn't just any old sparkler. And yes, shame on you and the frisbee.

Mama Nut said...

Haha! Jill, we had some left over, want me to FedEx them your way?

Meagan and John said...

just tell me one thing--you took the helmets off for the picture while the 4-wheeler was stopped and then put them back on before it started going again right?

Living on a 4-wheeler road in Fillmore we use to always comment at the (sorry but it is the word we used) idiots that would pile 5 kids on one 4 wheeler without helmets--it just isn't safe, but then again my mom doesn't like to wear helmets cause it gives her helmet hair (I guess that is why she never rides the forwheeler)

Either way, I miss the 24th of July celebrations--I always loved the pot luck dinner and dance, the food was always oh so good, and don't worry about the frisbee, when Dominic was 2 (I guess) i think I took out a kid so I could get some candy during the 4th of July parade--I also remember my mom getting mad at me, it was the last 4th of July parade I attended (never been able to get back, not that I was banned or anything)

Mama Nut said...

Don't worry, Megan, I would never have let my kids go without helmets if they were going over 5 miles per hour. They were barely moving with my dad.

Anonymous said...

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