Saturday, July 11, 2009

News from Our Favorite PFC

Okay, here's the dish on Daddy Nut: He called me early Sunday Morning! We got to talk for about 20 minutes. He was really homesick. Poor guy.

He is doing really well, though. He told me that he works really hard and has gained the respect of his drill sergeants and fellow unit members. He says that his fellow soldiers have been spying on him since they found out he was a Mormon. LOL. They don't seem to believe that he doesn't drink alcohol, coffee, or smoke. Ben says it's really funny because they keep thinking they are going to catch him doing something, like he is lying to them. I think this is hilarious! If it was me I would totally play it up and act all suspicious or something. Ben isn't as mischievous as I am, which makes a good pair I guess. Anyway, the guys are really respectful and don't make fun of him... which is great.

I finally got some letters this week! When I didn't get one from him on Tuesday, I got really tired of not knowing his address, so I called the Fort and asked for it. The guy was really nice and was glad to help me out. So I sent Ben a manila envelope filled with two weeks worth of letters, stamps, and a phone card.

Then on Thursday I got three letters all at once, and two on Friday! Yay! He sounded really good in his letters, but I could tell he was really missing me and the boys. I know Basic Training is really hard, but I know he can get through it. Hopefully by now he will have gotten my letters. I wrote a lot of encouraging things to up lift him and keep him going. I just want to remind him that he is my hero, and that I know he can do it!

Now I would like to try something new. When you leave a comment today, I want you to direct it towards Ben aka Daddy Nut and tell him how cool he is and leave him a little note. Then I am going to print them out and send them to him. I think he would LOVE to read encouraging words from his blogging friends -- you know, help remind him why he is doing what he is doing.

Thanks everybody!


Our Family said...

Hi, Ben! We sure miss your Daddy Saturday posts. Don't worry, though. Cat keeps us entertained. :o) Thank you for serving our country. I'm sure you make a terrific soldier. I think you're an awesome Dad, too.

Your cousin,


Jason said...

Ben I admire and respect your ability to be away from your family in such a difficult surrounding for so long to ensure a brighter future for not only them (your family) but for all Americans. You have our respect and support.

Jason and Shantel

DaveandRuth said...

I hope you are well Ben! You are awesome for being willing to serve our country!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Ben, thank you for all that you do every single day to keep our country safe and make America the amazing place that it is! I am sure you miss your family as much as they miss you, and I hope you return home to them soon. Stay safe!

Tera said...

Hi Ben,
Thank you for your service! As an Army wife I know that this part of the journey is really tough, but I promise that it does get easier.

I know that the Lord is with you and your family.

Just remember to be IN the Army but not OF the Army. (ha ha, just a little mormon/army humor for you)

My husband wants me to tell you that drill sgts are much less intimidating after basic than they are during. :)

Good luck!
Tera and the Blackham fam

Robert Brems said...

Thanks for your service Ben! In an all volunteer Army, I am always impressed and grateful for those who CHOOSE to serve. My family and I are behind you. If there is anyone who reads this who is unwilling to stand behind you and the army, I invite them to please stand in front of ya'll.

Family American Style. said...
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Tobi said...


What your doing is extremely tough and I know you are missing your family. Keep your spirits up and try to keep in mind that this isn't what they Army is like "in real life". The fact that they scare the pants off you is just a training tactic.

Also I'm really sorry about the CS gas exercise that's coming up in your future. I hope you don't puke on Chili Mac Road.

Forty Rounds!! Black Lions!!


The Army Wilkinson's

Kathy B! said...

Dear Ben,

I just want to thank you for what you do. And tell you that without brave, courageous men like you this country would not be the pinnacle of freedom and democracy that it is today. And thank you for standing true to our flag and being a representative for all that we have. And all that we can be.

Even though you have to sacrifice personally.

To be.

Our hero.

My kindest regards,

Kathy Belinski

Kathy B! said...

Dear Ben,

I just want to thank you for what you do. And tell you that without brave, courageous men like you this country would not be the pinnacle of freedom and democracy that it is today. And thank you for standing true to our flag and being a representative for all that we have. And all that we can be.

Even though you have to sacrifice personally.

To be.

Our hero.

My kindest regards,

Kathy Belinski

Cynthia said...

Dear Ben,

I hope you can still find a way to do your weekend posts- we always appreciate a Man's perspective.

I also want you to know that I personally appreciate what you are doing right now. My freedoms and opportunities are precious to me and they have been granted me by God and dedicated men like yourself. So thank you for being THAT caliber of man.

I hope basic training goes by as quickly as possible!


Rocksee said...


You are so brave!

Guilty Mother said...

It takes a mammoth amount of courage, spirit, determination and faith to be a great husband, a great dad and a great man. It's easy to be a lousy one. Congratulations on being great.

Kelly Dawn said...

Ben -

My daddy was a drill sergeant for 10 years and umm....this six weeks will pass by fast :) We are all so proud of you and what you are doing for us..and most importantly for your family....Those boys will be so proud of their daddy....and HEY! Having sex with a soldier? EXCELLENTE! ;) Cat will sure like that! ;)

Keep up the good work!


jbmetz said...

Hi Ben!
Hang tough. Sounds like you're doing great. I have to agree with Catherine that you should mess with your comrades by buying a pack of cigarettes, throwing half of them away, and then leaving the remaining half-pack some place that would incriminate you.
Take care,
Uncle Joe

Mama Dub said...

Welcome to the army/rotc life!! We love it. Jeremey really enjoyed BTC (even though it was challenging) but what comes next is even better!! the ROTC and all the Cadre are wonderful -- for you AND Catherine. Good luck with everything you're doing -- we're proud of you and proud of your tough wife!! We'll look out for her and your kids, you focus on the right now!! You're in our prayers!!

Jeremey and Katie Willson

Meagan and John said...

WoW, what to say, what to say, other than that you are so much stronger than we are, to volunteer to become a soldier is great, but those who volunteer while we are already in war, now that just leaves me speechless (which is a rather hard thing to do).

As a flight attendant I saw a lot of soldiers on my flights to and from Killeen, Tx (Frt Hood I think)and a lot of newbies flying to basic from Shreveport, LA and I even had a soldier on one of my flights from Tyler who was going over to fight in Iraq (he vomited on my plane--and I mean on my plane, he couldn't figure otu how to open the sick sac) and I just coudl never come up with the right words to say just how truly greatful I am that they are willing to do what they have volunteered to do. I know that I personally could not put myself in that situation as a volunteer, I wouldn't move to Canada if I was being forced but I couldn't do it as a volunteer so I am greatful.

I also wanted to say, as a flight attendant I had to leave for almost a month to do training in VA and I dreaded being away from my "boys" but while I was there I was so busy working that time flew so fast and I just kept focused on the work and time flew by so fast, now I know you are going to be gone a lot longer than I was but I am sure if you just stayed focused on your work it will be over before you know it--When I felt home sick I would just pull out the pic I had of DOminic and remind myself that I was doign it for him. Another thing to remember is that your boys are still so young, a year after you are home they won't even remember you were gone, and you can always just tell them you weren't in the picture cause you were taking it and they will never have to know.

Good luck, and thankyou so much
Meagan (John and DOminic) Lewis

Penelope said...

Dear Daddy Nut,

I wanted to express (and I speak for many) my admiration and respect for what you do...for your sacrifices, hard work, and bravery. The truth is, I admire your wife too, for supporting you as you do this, because the spouses also work hard, sacrifice, and are brave!

I'll pray for your safety!

~Penelope (expectant of many you protect)

Damaris said...

Thank-you for your willingness to serve our country. We see just a small part of the sacrifice you and your family make to pursue this endeavor and we appreciate that you are willing to give so much to continue protecting the rights and freedoms of our country. Thank-you, thank-you!

Damaris & Family

Jill said...

I agree with "Our Family," I miss Daddy Saturday posts. I know you are a great asset to our country's forces. Good luck!

Barb said...

Hey Ben!!! We are so proud of you. We know you will do great things. My Dad was Navy WW2. It is hard being away from family. We are Americans and some of our very best help to keep us free and safe. You are in our prayers.

Single Mama NYC said...

Ben, you rock! Not only are you a loving husband to our Cat, and a wonderful father to Sammy and Nephi, but now you are one of the brave who are responsible for protecting our country. Much respect and love from your friends Issa and Theo in NYC!