Thursday, July 16, 2009

Homesick for My Honey

These last few days I have been having a really hard time being creative and thinking of fun posts. Mostly, because my heart is hurting for my man. I can be brave and tough most of the time... but once in a while I just ache. I miss him so much. So today, I want to share a little story about the first time we met, since he is on my mind.

Meeting My Future Husband for the First Time

July 1997
The first time I saw my future husband, that I can recall, I was sixteen and had just moved to our small town. There was a church party at the town park and since our family was new to the town, my parents made us go so that we could meet people. Amy had met this guy at church named Jared and dragged me over to talk to him. My sister and I weren’t “into” Jared, but he was a familiar face and we welcomed his attention. The three of us went a short distance away from the party and made ourselves comfortable on some old wooden bleachers that I was sure weren’t too safe.

I can’t remember what we talked about that day, but only after about fifteen minutes or so, a young kid came over and called to Jared. He was dirty and disheveled, and he badly needed a haircut and a shower. I thought he was a bit of a nerd with his over sized glasses and dirty tennis shoes, defiantly not worth my notice. He walked over to us carrying a skateboard.
“Jared, you said you would go skating with me.” He said. I noticed as he got closer that he also had some bad acne. Jared sighed. I could tell that this kid was cramping his style. He turned to us and explained that he was his little brother, Ben.
“Can we go later?” Jared asked shooting a quick smile at my sister. I could tell that he was interested in Amy and suppressed a giggle.
“You said that we could go before dark.” Ben said. He couldn’t be older then thirteen I thought, but later I can to find out that was Amy’s age, fourteen.
“Okay,” Jared said and turned to us. “ Sorry, I told my brother that I would go with him. I’ll see you guys later, okay?”
“Sure,” I said. “See ya.” We waved as he walked off with his little brother, Ben – my future husband.
The First Time I Talked to Ben

Around November 1997 (I think)
I hating taking the school bus. There were so real weenies that rode the bus, and after one particular instance, my parents decided they would get me a car to drive to school. I was super excited to have my first car, a 1989 Ford Taurus, light blue. I couldn’t wait to show my new friends. I drove my car into Bob’s Gas Station on Main, and honked my horn. I thought my friend Jon would come out and “Ooo and Ahh” over my new toy. But instead of Jon coming out, Jared’s greasy little brother, Ben came strolling out and started to fill my gas tank up. I rolled down my window and asked him where Jon was.
“He doesn’t work here anymore.” That was the first I had heard this news. Why hadn’t he told me? Why did I have to hear it from Ben of all people.
“How much gas do you want?” He asked me.
“Just ten bucks, okay?” he nodded.

As the gas was pumping, Ben started to wash my windows, then he checked my oil. Wow, I remember thinking, Jon never did all that. In fact, Jon never did much of anything here at the station. He mostly just sat around and talked to the customers. When I would bring my mom’s car in, I would fill up and Jon would stand there and talk. I even had to go in and pay; Ben took my money at the car. I was mildly impressed.

Ben never said much to me. He was all business. This was just as well, because I wasn’t interested in being his friend. I just wanted my oil checked and my windows washed.
If someone had told me that day, as I stared at Ben through my windshield as he squeegeed off the dirt and grime, that I would someday marry him. I would have laughed and called them insane.

For the rest of the story of how we hooked up (if you missed that one, or want to read it again) see the post: ...and we lived happily ever after... in a trailer.

Ahhhhh..... I just miss him so much!!!! I can't wait to see him in that uniform either... I have plans...

Have a great day!


Our Family said...

Don't worry. You can make it through these next few weeks. I LOVE your wedding photo!

Mama Dub said...

BEAUTIFUL wedding photo -- and the uniform? totally worth it (wink wink!)

Nina said...

I absolutely love your story. You should write a novel.

C.J. Keller, said...

Everyone wants to have this kind of story to tell. Entire TV shows and movies are based around this plot. I'm so jealous.

Meagan and John said...

hahaha, Jared was the flirt, I coudl picture this perfectly--the kanosh bleachers, I am suprised you all even dared to sit on them, I wouldn't go near them with a 5 ft pole afriad of the debree that woudl fly after it collapsed.

You know, it will be hard to get use to him gone, but atleast you are finding it hard to be gone, I remember talking to a lot of divorced soldiers who said after they left there spouses got so use to having them gone that when they got home they couldn't get use to having them there and the marriage ended soon after--so at least we know that won't be the case with ya'll

But I did want to mention, one way to make the time go by faster is to occupy your time--you woudl be suprised all that you can get done when the man is gone--at first you sit around and mope cause you miss them (figuratively speaking, not talking just about you) then you get busy and realize all the things you never had time for that you now do--you can finally color code food storage, arranging cans not only by product, color, and size but also expiration date. Also, you can finally lifesize replica of the eifell tower out of popscicle sticks outside your apartment like you have always wanted too (ok not lifesize lifesize but more 1/2 the size of vegas's eifell tower--how is that?)

Good luck and stay busy and time will fly

Guilty Mother said...

Hey Cat, sorry to hear your feeling Blue :(. My Pauls away only for 4 days and already we miss him like mad. I wanted to pick your brains. Have finally figured out how to add photos to my blog but how do I get the text positioned where I want it (ie alongside the photo).

Hoping you can help :)

Jill said...

Now you know why military wives lock themselves in the bedroom with their man when they come home. ;)

Rocksee said...

Thinkin about you! Keep your chin up.

you were a STUNNING bride!

Tobi said...

That's a really good "cute meet" story. It sounds like the start of a good book. Your wedding photo is gorgeous.

Meagan and John said...

Cat, per your request i did blog about the day John and I met--which we weren't together in 1999 but we did meet around then.

remember the pirates of panzance?

it is titled when 1 of 2 people didn't fall in love.

Single Mama NYC said...

You look so beautiful! What a lovely wedding dress too! Your story is so great, you guys are so blessed.

Kimberly said...

This is the sweetest post. I can't believe I missed it, but I'm so glad I just now found it. What a thoughtful way to look back in time. :)