Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Playing in the Food Storage

Yesterday morning, Sammy got up really early. I tried to keep him away from Nephi's room so he wouldn't wake him up. But as soon as my back was turned, Sam slipped into the forbidden territory and I didn't notice until I heard laughing coming from in there. Now, there is another reason that Sam isn't allowed in Nephi's room: Our food storage lives in there. I am talking hundreds of canned goods sitting peacefully on a shelf.

When I went in to get the boys out, I found this:
...and two very happy little boys that had no idea they were about to get in big trouble!
I hope your morning is better than that!

On a funnier note. When I went down to visit my family last week, I drove by this and had to take a picture! Talk about rockin' out in your car! You know you need a new car when...
Do you think there is some kind of law about this? I would hate to be behind him on the road!

Oh, and don't forget to check out my blinkies on the last post!


Our Family said...

That's too bad about the food storage. How do our kids make such big messes in such little time?

About the car, that is just weird. The only reason I can think of having those boulders on the trunk is to keep it shut if it doesn't latch. Still, that doesn't make much sense.

Jill said...

Well, at least they didn't pull the shelf over on top of themselves! Your boys certainly know how to have a good time. My kids can make our house a mess in seconds flat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cat! Stumbled upon your blog today and felt a "kindred spirit" instantly so thought I'd sign up and follow you around like another kid LOL!

As for the kids and the mess - you will learn, by trial and error, which battles can be won and which to just let go. Being as the food storage is in the kids room, if they mess it up, they clean it up, or no (insert your devious plot of punishment here).

I'm a former USMC wife (7.5 years with my ex) and I think losing weight is the top priority for all wives when their husbands deploy. I wish I had some sage advice to offer about dealing with the kids getting better...but my daughter was just a wee thing when my husband went on his 6 month deployment so I didn't have any of those issues to deal with. I do know, from other wives, however, that you need to stick to your guns. You can't change the rules just because Dad's not there and they may be having trouble adjusting. You need to keep their routine the same, discipline the same, do everything the exact same way you would if Dad WERE there. Kids are resilient and, while they may miss dad, they will adjust to him being gone...just as you will, eventually.

I think it's adorable that you see your knight in shining armor in all the leading man roles! Too cute!

Okay, novel done, I'm out of here but in the immortal words of Arnold, "I'll Be Back!"

Haley Hatch Freeman said...

Funny pics. For some reason my kids were enthralled with seeing your kids' destruction and they kept saying "let me see!" and put their faces as close to the monitor as possible. I guess they were checking out the handy work of one of their peers. lol

I love the patriotic blinkies!

Anonymous said...

oh. oh. oh. i have totally woken up to several variations to that mess.

Otter Thomas said...

I hope no one was hurt in that canned food avalanche.

Unknown Mami said...

Sorry about the mess in the food storage. Yesterday my daughter pooped in the bathtub. I did not enjoy cleaning that up.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. You must have ESP I was planning on checking you out because Single Mama NYC had such nice things to say about you.

Practically Perfect... said...

Oh wow - looks like someone was busy!!!