Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Pre-Pre-Pre-School Graduation

Hey! It's me again, Sam. I wanted to tell you about my big day yesterday! I graduated from pre-school. No, really I am serious. Hat and all. Well, maybe not technically. I do have 2 more years to go -- but they let me participate anyway. All the kids get to. Cool huh?

I acted like it wasn't a big deal when I brought the letter home about it. But it really was important to me that mom and dad and even Nephi came and saw me with my class. I know all the songs and the actions! I couldn't wait to show my family.

When we were getting ready to go, I told mom I wanted to wear my new shoes. Well, I grunted and pointed at my new shoes and then threw a tantrum until she understood I wanted to wear them to my graduation. She said, "no." What?! But they are my new shoes! I look really cool with them on! Come on mom!


I pitched a fit.

"No, Sammy," she said. "You ruined your new shoes on the playground. They are not appropriate for your graduation."

Maybe she had a point.
My second big disappointment on my special day, was that I heard dad tell mom he couldn't go, because he had to go take an important test. What!? He was ditching my big day! How much do you want to bet he is going to MAKE me go to his graduation! I thought about taking this "up" with him, but from my angle, he can look a little scary sometimes...
Mom took Nephi to the neighbors. Bummer, just me and mom now. Wait. Just me and mom! Cool! A special outing! Armed with cookies and camera, Mom and I drove over to my school. I went with the kids and mom left to find a seat with the other parents. I waited patiently to make my entrance with all my friends and show my mom what I could do.
The teachers marched us out in front of all the families. I scanned around quickly to find my mom and it didn't take long to spot her in the crowd. She was the blond on the front row waving frantically and calling my name. When I turned my head to see her... FLASH! Yeah, that's my mom, I thought seeing stars.
I kept checking to make sure she didn't go anywhere. I really wanted her to see me. I was so excited!
First we sang the spider song. It was silly. But I knew all the moves with my paper spider prop. Some of the other kids were messing up big time. But I kept the pace, and never missed a beat. Mom was proud. She was flashing lots of pictures.... more than the other moms. She must love me the most! (There I am below with my spider)
Then came my moment. Where every one's eyes were on me! I walked out proudly as they called my name. (that's my teacher)
I received the "Speed 'Deamond' Award!" When they announced it, my mom laughed really loud. She is so silly. My teacher told everyone that I was the fastest runner -- you got that right! Mom laughed even louder. That's because she knows how fast I am. I can run away from her any day of the week and she can't catch me... except she always seems to trap me in one way or another by tricking me... but that's a story for another time.
Mom and Dad were laughing at this picture. I don't know why, it's not like I am picking my nose or anything. It has to do with the placement of my award, I think...? Whatever. Parents are soooooo crazy.
Today is the first day of my summer vacation! Four whole weeks of nothing but basking in the sand of our playground in my new shoes. Then comes summer school... but that's not for a long time. July.
Until next time, this is Sam the Semi-Graduate signing off!
I, Cat, just wanted to thank everyone who participated in the Featured Blog yesterday! If you haven't checked out Henry the Frog yet, do!
On another note, I would like to do another "Ask Cat" next week, and would really love some ideas. So email me, not comment, if you can think of a fun pretend or real question "pour moi!"
Have a great Thursday!


Rocksee said...

Aww Sammy Congrats! Your momma and daddy sure love you lots..

Meagan and John said...

Aww sam you lucky duck--since Dominic didn't graduate this year they didn't let him participate in graduation, they did call his name for his 1 yr conmpletion certificate but at that point he refused to walk up and get it, I had to carry him onstage (infront of everybody, I was so not happy about it)oh man I just realized I never blogged about DOminic's "graduation" so I better go and do that

Our Family said...

Congratulations, Sammy! What an accomplishment! I love your posts. I can see what you're saying about Daddy Nut looking a little intimidating. You always know how to give us a little perspective.

DaveandRuth said...

Good for him! I see my Meghan in this blog so much. Although they have not had a program. I imagine it would be like this for her. It is about how she does in Primary. I wonder how the primary program will go this September.

Kjar Family said...

Congrats Sammy! I love the pics - he is so photogenic.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!Good job Sammy. He has come such a long way this year.

Otter Thomas said...

Fun post from Sammy's eyes. I bet he was really excited. Congrats to him

Jill said...

Congrats on your "graduation" Sammy. You look very handsome in your hat (er... cap!).

NYC Mama said...

Awww, way to go, Sammy!!! You rock! I know how much Mommy loves you and how proud of you she is. Keep up the good work, Speed Demon! :-D

Charlotte said...

Sooo cute, I am still drying my tears from my son's pre-K graduation this morning.

C.J. Keller, said...

I loved your story Sammy. Lots and lots of people are very proud of you-- but none more than your mom and dad.

Jodie said...

Congrats Sammy! I love hearing things from your perspective!

The Lowe Family said...

yay sam u rock!!

thanks for stopping by my blog :) congrats to ur little man AND ur big man for his recent accomplishment. u should be very proud...of both of them *wink*

ur blog is hot! glad i came by :)