Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Featured Daddy Blog #1: Henry The Frog

For the last month or so, I have been talking about doing some Daddy Blog features for the month of June in honor of Father's Day. Since women seem to rule the blogging community, I think a lot of awesome Dad-blogs get over looked or they are hard to find. So, after several nominations, and lots of man-blog reading, I picked five of my favorite (with Daddy Nut's input as well). Not one of them I like for the same reasons. Each one is great just for what it is.

Our Daddy Blog Feature for today is: Henry the Frog

This guy cracks me up! Seriously! The other night, I had my husband go through the blogs I was considering for the feature and pick the ones he liked too. About 30 minutes latter, I heard him laughing hysterically! And I mean gut-wrenching, full body laughter. Curious, I went in to see what was so funny, and he was reading Henry the Frog.

I asked each of my featured bloggers to submit 3 links to their favorite posts for you all to check out. Here are his:

He not only has the moves, but he knows Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Groove on at a Church Dance

I laughed my "butt" off at his attempt at "Spinning" in Spinning Wildly

Something I never thought about... Attack of the Killer Air-Quotes

Ben aka Daddy Nut said that I can't Feature Henry the Frog without pointing you towards this post too: Thin Line Between "Lost" and "Stolen"

So, before you do anything else, "hop" on over to Henry the Frog and check out what he's got, because it's great!


Pam said...

What a great idea featuring some male bloggers. To be honest, I've only ever encountered one in all the blog hopping I've done. Henry is hysterical. Plus it's kind of nice to have a glimpse inside the male mind. Mingt come in handy someday! LOL! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I too hopped over to Henry The Frog blog. Writes very well and is very funny. It was great to hear a man's take on different subjects. Thanks for featuring Henry.

Jill said...

I love Henry the Frog! I wish I could be a follower on his blog. I guess I'll just have to add him to my following list. Thanks for sharing!

Melanni said...

Henry the Frog's blog was great! I read one of his posts about throwing marbles against a brick wall when he was in elementary school. I'm going to have to keep reading this to gain insight into my son's world!

Our Family said...

Thanks for the link. He's a funny guy. I liked the Spinning post, too.

Otter Thomas said...

Thanks for giving some deserving dads a little free publicity.

HTF said...

My sincere thanks to Cat for the massive shout out! It's been fun to read everyone's comments. Thanks so much! You all even inspired me to add the "Followers" thing on the blog because apparently that's a thing . . . was news to me. :)
(somebody please tell Jill)
Thanks again!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

thanks for the daddy blog recommendations. My husband's in the market for some good reads. :)