Monday, June 1, 2009

The Best of "4 Nuts in a Nutshell"

To make some room on my sidebars, I am going to post the list here of my reader's favorite posts and post a link button top. Feel free to look around, read a post you haven't before, or even re-read an old favorite. Thanks for all of your support on my little adventure in Bloggy Land.

Top Posts of 2010 
(this list surprised me because I don't consider it my best work, but these had the top hits!)
The Greatest Romance in History
Not a Patient Waiter
Little Pieces to Share
Fat Butt Friday:  Better Late than Never
Fat Butt Friday: Pneumonia and the Flu: Great Ways to Lose Weight!
What Lurks in the Fridge
It's What Their Fighting For!!
Lost and Found Root Beer
Who are the People at Your Gym
Fat Butt Friday:  If I Can do it...
Tunnel Vision

Reader's Favorites:
...and we lived happily ever after... in a trailer
Adventures in a Public Stall
A Letter to My Younger Self
Ask Cat
Being Frugal Can Be Freaky Fun!
Calories, Fat Grams, and Carbs! Oh, My!
Daddy Nut is My Hero!
Future Scientists of America
If I Was a Rich Man... or Woman
Introducing "Fat Butt Friday"
In Which We Go for a Walk in the Cemetery
Little Cat's Adventures with the F-Bomb
Makes Me Proud to be a Man
Moms and Our Double Standards
New Shoes
Parenting with the Force
Playground Bullies... Oh, How I Want to Spank Them!
Rollin' with an Oldie
Sam's Club Torture
Sammy, No Swiping! Sammy, No Swiping! Oh, Man!
Singing Toilets....?
Text Retarded and Proud!
The Big News
The Case of the Missing Chips
The Evil Cart Pusher
The Mystery of the Purse
Today I Smell Like a Man
Wacky Weekend Recap
Warning: Must Have Common Sense
Wii-Fit, Oh How You Mock Me!

Cat's Personal Favorites: (Aside from any posted above)
The Run
Fat Butt Friday:  To Run and Not be Weary
Running in the Rain
Potty Training with OCD
Putting on the Armor of Mommy Power
Out of Shape.  Out of Mind.
Fat Butt Friday:  Overcoming our own Fitness Monsters (Post of the Week at Mom Blog Network)


Updated 10 June 2010

If you a particular Favorite you think I should add to my list, drop me a note!

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