Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother's Day Giveaway!

Okay, here it goes! The long awaited 4 Nuts in a Nutshell Mother's Day Giveaway. I promised you wouldn't be disappointed! There are 3 items up for grabs for 3 lucky winners.

#1. One lucky girl is going to pamper herself with a $25 Dollar Gift Certificate to Victoria's Secret! Yay!
#2. I felt it only fair since the Father's got a magazine subscription last time, to offer one to my favorite moms out there. One year free subscription to Parenting: The Early Years Magazine or Parenting: The School Years Magazine (Whichever one the winner chooses).


#3. Last but certainly not least, and personally my favorite: My good friend Halley Hatch Freeman agreed to sponsor a book giveaway for Mother's Day here on 4 Nuts in a Nutshell. And will be giving away a signed copy of her first novel A Future for Tomorrow.

When Halley first told me she wrote a book about her surviving Anorexia as a teenager, I was surprised! Mainly because I knew her as a teenager and never knew she had a problem (it turned out I hadn't met Halley until AFTER her recovery). Sweet as she is she sent me a signed copy. Now, I have to admit a few things here: 1. I am not really big into non-fiction unfunny books. 2. Anorexia never interested me for obvious reasons... and 3. If a book doesn't suck me in in the first few chapters I rarely finish it. But the same day I got Halley's book and after I put the boys to bed, I opened to the first page and lost myself. Seriously. I was captivated by Halley's struggle with a horrifying deceases I never truly understood. I laughed with her, got angry with her, I cried for her, and at the end I cheered for her. Needless to say, I finished her book in less then 4 hours, before I went to bed!! She took me on an amazing journey and I am super excited that she choose me to host her giveaway. Her website, if any of you are interested in checking it out is: http://afuturefortomorrow.blogspot.com/

Okay, back to the contest! To enter, leave a comment on this post telling us:

What is your GREATEST mommy moment?

That's it! However, if you would like second entry, advertise this contest on your blog and come back and do a SEPARATE comment that says you posted about it. So you'll get 2 entries (only 2 entries). Don't forget to make sure there is a way I can contact you if you win, especially if you aren't a follower. And if you don't tell a great mommy moment, it comment doesn't count! (I've got to keep it all fair). And you don't HAVE to be a mom to enter: we are all mothers in our way.

Contest Ends Saturday Night at 11:59 pm, then come back on Sun and check out who won for Mother's Day!!

Good Luck! Thanks for your support!
Note: Contest for US residents only, not because I don't like out of country people (you are awesome!!) , but because I can't afford the shipping :) Sorry.


Momza said...

Hopped over here from MMB...
My greaterst Mommy Moment:
Sitting in the Sealing Room of the SLC Temple as I watched my formerly "rotten teenaged" son marry a beautiful bride for time and all eternity. THAT was worth not selling him to the circus when he was 16.

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

Just stopping by from SITS to say hello! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! Now I'm off to spend a little time on your blog:)
Hugs, Sandy

Jill said...

I want the V.S. card! But it's all good. What an awesome give away.

OH man! I don't even know how to pick my favorite Mommy Moment. I think the first few moments after having my daughter was probably one of my proudest Mommy Moments. And the moment I saw my daughter and my newborn son look at each other was enough to make any mother's heart melt.

Or there's my daughter's first day of kindergarten. All she wanted (and she told me over and over again) was for me to be standing outside waiting for her when she got home. Her face was the highlight of my day.

I don't know if I'm proud to say this or not, but the moment "the experts" told me about my son's learning problems, I felt like dancing around the room. I'd been trying for what seemed like forever to get some help for him. I was his only voice. His advocate. And finally, I had some help. So, yeah, I guess I am proud of that moment. I am helping my child become more independent as well as learn how to manage his world. Each day is a new "mommy moment" for me as I watch him grow and learn. It makes me teary eyed just thinking about it.

I'm sure I'll have many more Mommy Moments as my kids get older and I live to tell the tale of raising teenagers. But alas, they are only 6 and 4 right now. So I'll enjoy the "simpler" times. :)

Jill said...

I posted about this on my blog and put tons of links to your giveaway and your blog in it. So count me in twice! I'll cross my fingers.

Andrea said...

I totally have to win. . . I really want that gift card! :)

It's hard to pick my bestest Mommy Moment-so many to choose from. ;) I have a lot, but one is probably the first time my son got an award at school. He kind of struggles a little and to see his face when he got recognized for his good work was totally priceless and unforgettable. It was almost as good as the first time I saw his face!

I'm crossing my fingers-I'm totally going to win!!!

Thanks, Cat!

Andrea said...

Okay-I advertised your blog and this contest on my blog, so I get another entry! YAY! I'm so going to win. . . .

Andrea said...

I put a link to it on facebook too. . . does that count as another entry? :)

Bridget said...

Fun giveaway! I'd have to say that not one specific moment is sticking out (is that a bad sign, yikes!), but I am always so proud when my 4 year old gets out books by herself to read to her little brother. I think it is the sweetest.

Tera said...

My greatest Mommy moment is actually a series of moments: Each night when my kids are asleep and quiet, I like to go into their room and watch them sleep for a minute or two. They are so peaceful and innocent-looking. Any tough daytime moments seem to disappear from my memory.

Meagan and John said...

Ok, is this best time I realized how great it was to be a mommy kind of momment or a best funny mommmy moment?

I think my most memorable mommy moment was when we were being sealed and they brought Dominic (then 1) in to be sealed to us, he was all dressed in white and while he was in the nursery he had fallen asleep and hadn't quite woken up yet. We we so concerned he would freak out and start screaming (as his uncle Gary was holding him and he didn't know him well) but he was still so sleepy he looked so precious throughout the whole time he was being sealed to us, all dressed in white he looked like our little angel sent from heaven, then when it was all said and done he woke up and was Dominic again and wanted his mommy--I don't think I will ever forget the way he looked that day.

then one of my most funny mommy moments was years later, we were at victoria secrets (John, DOinic, and I) and I was trying on bras, I had just gotten a new job and as my special reward I got a new bra to start the job...we were having a hard time finding one that worked and at one point I had one on and Dominic called me over and was asking me something so I leaned down and he reached his hands out and asked if he could see and when I leaned in closer to ask him what he wanted to see he reached over tried to open my shirt and then when I grabbed the top of my shirt to close it he cupped my boobs and said--?nice, very nice (or something like that) I like this one." like he was helping me choose out a bra--why he thought he had to cup my boobs I don't know where he got that idea from, but had to have gotten it somewhere (the worst part, was there was a lady there helping us that saw it all)

Yeah, after that, John doesn't allow Dominic to come into Victoria Secrets with mommy anymore, see so I need to win that card so I have a good excuse to get away from them for a few minutes

those are just 2 of many that popped into my head first

Kelly with the Jello Belly said...

I am floored everytime my sweet little two year old angel tells me thank you. For some reason, it's a talent she possesses. It didn't stick with her five siblings, but she will look me in the eye and say "Oh! Thank you Mommy!" for very simple things. It just makes me happy!
(Saw the link on Adrea's blog!)

Kelly with the Jello Belly said...

Oops! I meant Andrea's blog. I am linked now for two. Thanks!!!

Rocksee said...

Well I am not a mommy. But the greatest mommy moment I ever had was picking out my wedding dress with my momma. :)

Dev said...

I think my greatest mommy moment is every day when my 13 month old daughter puts both her hands on my cheeks, pulls my face to hers and plants a big, wet kiss on my cheek. Is there anything better?!


Jolene said...

One of my best mommy moments was when my 4 year old daughter told me she wanted to be a nurse just like me when she grew up (I was so honored)..... five minutes later she came back and told me she had changed her mind and wanted to be a dog instead. We all had a really good laugh with that one.

Our Family said...

Brain Cramp Mommy Moment: Giving my five-year-old son vitamin gumballs in the evening and not wondering sooner why he was taking so long in the bathroom. I finally decided to check on him and found his eyes glued shut with the ABC gum, eyelashes completely enmeshed in the gunk.

Peanut butter should have worked, but didn't. After doing an internet search, I ended up trying vegetable oil. Using an eyebrow comb, I carefully worked through his eyelashes to remove the pink, microscopic bits of gum as it slowly started to break down. He held so still for the 45 minutes it took to clean him up and open his eyes. Poor little guy. He promised never to play with gum again.

Greatest Mommy Moment: After saying his prayers and being tucked into bed he said, "Thank you for fixing my eye. You're my hero!" I didn't know he knew what a hero was, but I'm glad he thinks I am one!

Anonymous said...

My best mommy moment was when my the 12 moths old firstborn noticed that I had been crying and that I was sad and came and hugged me!!! it was marvelous, amazing, comforting, sweet, just sooo nice. I love him!

Jennie @ Modern Mamaz said...

One of my favorites was this last weekend. My 3 year old, who BTW can do EVERYTHING HIMSELF now (and won't hesitate to tell you this) was up playing in the playground at the fast food restaurant we were eating lunch at. My son is at the stage right now that he's trying really hard to fit in with other kids and be a "big boy"... a.k.a., not need anyones help EVER (except for Bruno, his bedtime bear... pretty sure that thing will still be around to see his marital bed).

Anywho, he was up playing "spaceship" with this little girl that he had just met, and of course, was mister being "mister cool dude" at the time.

It's at that particular moment that I choose to stand up and wave and blow kisses at him from the "landing pad" all the while dad is tugging on my shirt to gesture that I really needed to sit down and let "the boy" be because I was humiliating him.

It was just then that I heard my little dude laugh approvingly and say "That's my mom!" in a very proud voice.

Dad, of course, rolling his eyes.

Jennie @ Modern Mamaz said...

Linked ya:)

Jennie @ Modern Mamaz said...

BTW... My giveaway this week is a pair of really adorable little pink hair clips... don't forget to enter again this week! I know you have boys, but I'm sure you can find a little girl that would want them. And who doesn't like free stuff?!?!

If I seem a little giddy it's because I'm contracting every 10 minutes (and trust me... I'm counting!) right now... so I've got all 10 fingers and all 10 toes crossed. You're the only one I know up in the middle of the night that I can tell and also sound like a basketcase while expressing my enthusiasm without prejudice :) Lucky you:) haha!

Shannon said...

One of my fave mommy moments. It seems like lately I don't have any cuz my boys have really been testing me but one that pops in to my head is this one. One sunday after a family dinner my 6 y.o. told me that all the "women" in his class knew the 1st article of faith & he didn't. I asked him if he wanted to learn it so we practiced it on the drive on. By the time we got home he knew it by heart & lo & behold, my 2 y.o. who was in the way back was repeating it too. It made me feel so good cuz I know that I need to do better with them & church stuff. It's so fun to see them achieve stuff, especially when I've been able to help them!!!

Anonymous said...

When my son was three he was diagnosed as high functioning autistic. We were devastated and did not know what life would be like for him. We didn't know if he would even be mainstreamed or have friends.

My greatest moments as a mom have been watching him exceed our hopes and dreams for him--when he was able to mainstreamed in kindergarten, doing well academically in school, when he started playing football and scoring his first touchdown, and watching him interact with his friends and have them say to him, "See you later, J-man!" These are things that most moms may take for granted as just being a normal part of childhood. But for us, they are cherished moments that remind us that anything is possible for him.

Samantha said...

Our baby boy was circumcised and our 6 year old boy asked me a couple days later if I had skin cut off my penis. I responded no I don't have one and that was the end of the conversation. Thank goodness.

Alisha said...

I have lots of favorite Mommy Moments. But I enjoy sitting in my rocking chair with my 2 children on my lap reading them book after book after book. They love it and I do too.

Kristy Jo said...

When I was able to finally bring my Emilee home from the hospital. She was born before 34 weeks and I was not able to bring her home when I had left from the hospital. It was the most joyous mommy moment of my life :). Have a Happy Mother's Day to all mommies out there!

Emily said...

I think my favorite James mommy moment is when I have to wake him up from a nap and he just wants to curl up on my lap and cuddle against me for a while. He is getting so big but I still manage to make him fit on my lap.

My favorite Anna moments are when she looks at other people but doesn't respond facially and then looks at me and immediately breaks into the happiest grin ever. She might be a somewhat challenging baby but those smiles make it worth it. It's awful that I love that she doesn't smile at others like she does at me but I really do love that about her.


Brooks Nelson said...

I have so many favorite Mommy Moments I don't know which one to pick so I'll just go with what happened today. I left the apt. for about 20-30 min today. I had printed the coupon from KFC for the free meal from Oprah and decided I would go get that for Kyle for dinner and while i was out decided to put gas in his car so he wouldn't have to. I wasn't gone long but when I walked in the door both kids came a running yelling "Mommmy, Mommy, Mommy" and giving me big hugs and kisses. I love that even though I was only gone for 20-30 minutes they still missed me and was excited to see me.

Sharla said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love your layout! And I found this fantastic giveaway too! There are so many great Mommy moments, I don't know how to pick just one. Seriously.
I think the first time my older boys held the twins after coming home. I was so overwhelmed at the thought of twins but seeing them all together I knew they were all meant to be mine. And I wouldn't have it any other way.