Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I just want to thank everyone for participating in my Mother's Day Giveaway! I have really enjoyed reading your great mommy moments. I feel so sad that I can't just give you all the prizes and can only pick three. So thanks to we have the three winners.

The winner of the Victoria's Secret Gift Card is:

Brooks Nelson who said: "I have so many favorite Mommy Moments I don't know which one to pick so I'll just go with what happened today. I left the apt. for about 20-30 min today. I had printed the coupon from KFC for the free meal from Oprah and decided I would go get that for Kyle for dinner and while i was out decided to put gas in his car so he wouldn't have to. I wasn't gone long but when I walked in the door both kids came a running yelling "Mommmy, Mommy, Mommy" and giving me big hugs and kisses. I love that even though I was only gone for 20-30 minutes they still missed me and was excited to see me."

The winner of the Parenting Magazine Subscription is:

Tera who said: "My greatest Mommy moment is actually a series of moments: Each night when my kids are asleep and quiet, I like to go into their room and watch them sleep for a minute or two. They are so peaceful and innocent-looking. Any tough daytime moments seem to disappear from my memory."

And finally, the winner of Halley Hatch Freeman's book, A Future for Tomorrow is:

Jennie @ Modern Mamaz who said: "One of my favorites was this last weekend. My 3 year old, who BTW can do EVERYTHING HIMSELF now (and won't hesitate to tell you this) was up playing in the playground at the fast food restaurant we were eating lunch at. My son is at the stage right now that he's trying really hard to fit in with other kids and be a "big boy"... a.k.a., not need anyones help EVER (except for Bruno, his bedtime bear... pretty sure that thing will still be around to see his marital bed). Anywho, he was up playing "spaceship" with this little girl that he had just met, and of course, was mister being "mister cool dude" at the time. It's at that particular moment that I choose to stand up and wave and blow kisses at him from the "landing pad" all the while dad is tugging on my shirt to gesture that I really needed to sit down and let "the boy" be because I was humiliating him. It was just then that I heard my little dude laugh approvingly and say "That's my mom!" in a very proud voice. Dad, of course, rolling his eyes."

Congrats to our winners! I will be emailing you later to get your info so we can get your prizes out! Thanks again to everyone for your support. Have a very Happy Mother's Day!

On a last note, I just wanted to share my special
mommy moment.

When Sammy came home from his special pre-school on Thursday, he came to find in in my bedroom. He had this little cup of dirt in his hands and a huge grin on his face. Sammy has never been able to say things to me without me saying the words first and he repeats them. But for the first time, holding this little plant out to me, he said, "I ee!" Which in his language is "I love you!" My heart melted! What a sweet gift from the heart of a wonderful, special child.

I hope all your hearts are filled with love this special day! Happy Mother's Day.


Jodie said...

What an awesome mommy moment for you! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

tracy said...

Happy mothers day to you!! Thanks for the wishes and how wonderful! for the winners :)

Jill said...

What a sweet moment. He's made great progress in his new school. Happy Mother's Day!

Shannon said...

I'm getting choked up for you. Happy Mommy's Day!!!!

C.J. Keller, said...

Happy Mothers Day to all. I really enjoyed those stories.

Our Family said...

I enjoyed reading everyone's mother stories, too. Catherine, thanks for sharing that sweet story about Sammy. Happy Mother's Day!

ROSIDAH said...

Happy Mother's Day and have a great week! What a beautiful moment on a special day :).

Jennie @ ModernMamaz said...

Thank you so much for the autographed book, I am so excited to read it!

NYC Mama said...

You'll have that moment, and tons like it, to cherish forever -- what a blessing. Isn't it wonderful, the joy our babies bring us? :-)
Happy Mommy Day, Cat!!!

DaveandRuth said...

I to, have a special little one, where it seems like the smallest things have made us happy about her. All of my children are wonderful, but I seem to worry about her a little more. I hope you had a wonderful mother's day.

Anonymous said...

You made me cry......I ee too, Mom

Amy said...

What a precious little Mother's Day gift. Little treasures... from little treasures :)