Monday, May 11, 2009

Duck, Duck, Duck, GOOSE!! You're It!

Okay, you caught me! I just wanted to find a creative way to say, "I've been tagged." Yippy! My first time on this blog. Now, I don't really truly understand the concept of the whole tagging thing. I suppose, the main idea is to get to know each other a little better, right?

Well, Rocksee, from At the Porch Swing, tagged me last week to share 7 reasons why I am super cool... or awesome... or just plain special. I think. But, Rocksee forgive me, I am a bit of a rebel when it comes to following the leader. I like to mix things up a little, make things a little different, and most of the time just plain like to break the rules. So today, I am throwing all caution to the wind and breaking some rules.

Here's what's happening today on 4 Nuts in a Nutshell: I am going to tell you three things about me that make me awesome that you didn't know. THEN everyone of you who read this is tagged! Haha Tricked you! Yeah, really you are all tagged. But what I want you to do, is leave a comment telling us 3 things that make YOU awesome. Then feel free to post this on your blog if you want, but it is totally optional! Up to you. Okay, get it? Are you sure? Should we go over it again? No, you really got it? Okay. No, I am not stalling! Okay here are 3 things that make me super cool.

#1 Super Cool thing about me that you don't know: I am a closet artist. Shhhh... don't tell because I don't do it often. Only when I feel a rush of creativeness that can't be contained that I pull out my art box and get down with some paper. The sad thing is I'm not as good as I think I am.
#2 Totally awesome fact about me that will surprise you: I speak fluent Spanish. Seriously, I do! Okay, I may be a little rusty, but I still have it in me.

And lastly:

#3 Special quality that you had no idea I had: I can sing. And I think I am pretty good! But you won't see me trying out for American Idol any day soon. But I had some great experiences as a young woman singing the national anthem for regional sports, singing with a children's choir for the Pope in Rome, and staring in the lead soprano role in Pirates of Penzance as a senior in high school. But those days are behind me. Now the only singing I do is to my kids, and they just don't appreciate it at all!! Sam gets really mad when I sing. If he doesn't start screaming, he throws stuff at me. Talk about a blow to the ego!
Alright there you go. Three things about me you probably didn't know. What? Why didn't I do seven like the tag said? Because I can't tell you everything about me! Then I would lose my air of mystery... Stop laughing! I am a very mysterious person! Seriously. Okay, maybe I'm not. But I would like to think I am.... a little.

Anyway, now it's your turn. Put all modesty aside, I want to hear all about your bragging that you are afraid to do, but it is boiling up inside! This is your chance to let us all know, what makes you great!
Note: Do not under any circumstances think that you aren't as cool as Mama Nut. We all have our moments of the spot light. Those were Mama Nut's -- not likely to be repeated in the future. Have a great day!!


C.J. Keller, said...

Thank you for this post. Like many moms and other "givers", it was a challenge to examine myself in this way, but worth the effort.
The qualities that I think make me most awesome- and would completely shock many people in my life that I adjust myself for- are that I'm completely kooky, fun-loving, playful and willing to make a fool of myself in order to make someone who is feeling down smile or laugh. And I can have these wacky qualities while also being very introspective, intelligent, educated and serious about my work. In daily life, sometimes only the very young and the very old understand this.
And the cool people I meet through blogging!
Thanks again!

NYC Mama said...

Okay - #1, you are TOO as good as you think. That eagle was amazing! My rendition of an eagle would've looked like a stick-figured airplane. #2, yo hablo Espanol tambien! Mis padres son de Puerto Rico. Theo speaks a couple of Spanish words and it's so darn cute when he does. #3, I sing too! Well, lately I haven't but I used to sing, as a background vocalist mostly. I miss it.

Now I'm not going to list my qualities on my blog because I did a post like that some time ago and I don't want my readers thinking I'm disgustingly full of myself. But I'll share 3 with you here: #1, I'm a secret optimist. No, really. People think I'm a "realist" and/or tend to look at things a litle on the dark side, but deep inside I always believe things will work out for the best. #2, I want to live in nature one day. Everyone thinks I'm a die-hard New Yorker, which I am, but this NYC girl has dreams of living in the woods one day by a huge stream. #3, I'm courageous. I guess maybe most people know this about me. Even if I'm scared of something I force myself to be brave. It's basically how I've gotten this far in life! :-)

Have a great day, Cat!

Meagan and John said...

Ok, so I am not going to post 3 qualities about myself here on account that I just can't think of anything right this minute (it is still rather early in my world),but I did want to comment that my son hates it when I sing, when he was little and I would sing him lullabies while trying to rock him to sleep he would slap me across the face and say sssshhhhh, and now if he is singing and I try to sing with him he yells "stop" or "be quiet"

which also reminds me the other day one of the kids I watch was being super bad and I told him I would have to rock him to sleep and if he wouldn't stop yelling at me I would have to drown him out by screaming to him, I expected him to get upset but I never anticipated the screams I got from him to stop torturing him and stop hurting him like I got when I started singing lullabies to him as I rocked him.

Yeah kids definitely are self esteem builders, and to think I thought my "good" rating when I did a solo for solo and ensemble competition when I was in high school was bad, having kids scream at you to stop is definitely worse than that.

Later, after I have had a chance to think about it, I will post my 3 qualities on my blog ( ) but it is just so hard to narrow them down.

Jill said...

I think everyone knows everything about me so I can't even think of qualities about myself. I certainly don't have ANY artistic or musical talents. My stick figures aren't even recognizable. But here goes... we'll see if I can think of 3!

1) I try really hard to think of what other's story is and what they might be going through before I judge something they're doing/not doing. I know there's times I am hoping others will do the same for me. :)

2) I really don't enjoy cooking. However, I do cook amazing desserts. I've been called the dessert queen in my community. Never had anyone be disappointed yet.

3) I love learning. And I love the news. I think KNOWLEDGE is POWER. I educate myself on pretty much anything I don't know enough about. I did this when I learned about my son's learning issues. Now I have a whole arsenal of books on his issues. They've been a HUGE help.
But this "quality" has also lead me to believe that only people who are educated about the candidates and issues at hand should be allowed to vote in elections. Really bad view since it is everyone's right. But don't you think we'd all be better off if we weren't so apathetic.... whether in politics or our own personal communities. Don't complain if you don't want to go out there and do something about it!!! There.. that's my rant.

Thanks for the opportunity to be introspective of my qualities. Some days I think my brain has gone to mush from my mommy duties. But those duties are important, too, and have yet enhanced my life and my other qualities in so many ways. :) It's certainly the best and hardest job on earth.

Together We Save said...

I love taggs. Lets you get to know each other alittle.

Tooj said...

Now WHY would they cry when you sing??? LOL My kids usually just yell "mom! mom! it's MY TURN!" I guess I need to learn to share....happy Monday!

Controlling My Chaos said...

1) I can clear a room with my singing, 2) I reorganize the dishwasher when other people load it, 3) I don't like the seams to show on my towels.

What? You didn't want to know about my freak show tendencies. Oops. I don't follow instructions very well.

Our Family said...

Wow! That eagle is amazing!

Melanni said...

That Eagle was great! Here are my three:
1-I think I'm good at playing the piano; I taught lessons for three years
2-I think I'm a good Mom-some days I don't feel like it-but I think over all I do a pretty awesome job
3-I'm good at being organized.

Rocksee said...

This is a great one!