Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Tribute to True Brilliance

First off, I want to thank my good friend, Amy, for posting this on her blog and making me aware of the good people of Mobile, Alabama. It explains so much, like our struggling economy, current government, warning labels, and failing education system. So residents of Mobile, Alabama, I solute you!


Jill said...

Are you kidding me!!!? Come on people. It's stuff like this that I'm sure the rest of the Mobile Alabama people are like "Great, those are the people representing the rest of us!!!?"

I see this all the time in the news for Idaho or some other state. Like the Larry Craig thing. I just shudder when I think about that because he tainted the whole state with his actions and made our state a laughing stock.

That being said,.... I loved the amateur sketch of the leprechaun. I liked that they threw in "amateur." As if, when we saw it, that we would think Van Gogh himself had sketched it. Must be sure that no one thinks any one with any art skills whatsoever sketched it. Come on people... really!???

Zeemaid said...

That is hysterical. Are these people serious? Must be some kind of promotional thing otherwise there must be something in the water.*L*

Thanks for stopping by my site and admiring my girl. :)

I love your blog and your title's perfect!

Rocksee said...

That is funny..!

I only have 100 more days left to blow it! Thanks for your comment!