Friday, April 24, 2009

Today I Smell Like a Man

Have you ever run out of deodorant and couldn't bear being around yourself? That's me today! I have yet to get my kids dressed to run to the store -- I still have to meditate and mentally prepare myself for such a journey. Meanwhile, I am suffering by my own stink!

Good thing I have a husband who hasn't run out of deodorant -- but I have to be careful -- it isn't PH balanced for a woman. I hope I don't get some awful rash or something worse. Now the whole PH thing has always confused me. Is a woman's higher or lower than a man's? Should I use more of my husband's deodorant, or less... Better safe than sorry! I pack it on!

Oh, great! I smell like my husband... when he wears it, it's a turn on... when I wear it, well, it just seems wrong!

What kind is it? Oh, brother! It's Axe! Does this mean I am going to be attacked by random women when I go to the store today? I'd better bring my key chain mace just in case!

(I was going to show the commercial here, where the guy sprays on some AXE in the store and gets attacked by women, but I couldn't find it.)


Brittany said...

Too funny!
Girl, I have been there!

The only thing worse is when your husband uses YOUR deodorant! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Jill said...

Oh I love that Axe commercial. I thought it was funny. I think they're all pretty clever actually.

As for the Ph... I think it doesn't really matter.. it's the smell. And men's bodies definitely smell different with their deodorant than our does with their deodorant.

I hope your trip to the store is a safe one and that you don't have anyone come up to you and start saying BoomChickaWahWah! If you do, well, you'll have something to blog about tomorrow!!!

Rocksee said...

hah I've had to do that more than once or twice.. :)

Housewife Savant said...

So much to think about.
To worry about.
Fun post.

becca greene said...

i've totally had to use axe before due to no deoderant on hand. and really other than the smell, i had no problems. but, oddly enough women's deoderant is supposed to be stronger or so i've heard.
btw, thanks for visiting my blog. hope to hear from ya again.

Amy said...

Haha, better to smell like a clean man, then one that just stepped off the gym floor! What a am saying is, the Axe was better than being stinky! :) Hope the trip to the store was successful! I just had a "really fun" one myself (next time, I am leaving the kids at home!) :)

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Oh, I have been there! And upon using hubby's deodorant thought like I smelled like a man all day long too! Hope you had a successful trip to the store today and smell more like a woman tomorrow!

BridgetJean said...

sometimes my husband runs out and uses my deodorant

Kristina P. said...

I have worn my husband's deodorant on several occasions, but I never told him. I don't think he would be too thrilled!

Brooks Nelson said...

I loved this. Your so funny! I just love reading your stuff.

Terresa said...

the Axe deoderant looks like so much fun! my husband doesn't use it but our younger nephews's hip, I think.