Friday, April 17, 2009

That's What Ears are For!

I love being married! I love my dear, sweet, hard-working, sexy husband! But sometimes he drives me nuts! It isn't anything he does... even yesterday he mopped the kitchen... what a turn on! I think he's great! It's what he doesn't do very well... listen. When we were first married, I thought it was just his hearing. So I sent him to a specialist to have his ears checked. When he came home he announced that he had good news and bad news. "What's the good news?" I inquired.
"It isn't my ears that's the problem," he said.
"The bad news?"
"It isn't my ears that's the problem," he answered. Just great! It turns out he has this incurable problem called being a man. I have to laugh when I think about it, as irritating as it is. You wouldn't believe the trouble he gets us into because he doesn't listen to me! For example:

I tell him so-and-so is pregnant. Isn't that exciting? "Yeah, that's great," he replies. I think he's listening but he is really thinking about some "Tricked Out Truck" he saw on the discovery channel. Fast forward 8 months. We are at a party or social gathering and my friend "Pregnant So-and-So" comes over with mama belly and Ben blurts out, "Are you Pregnant?" AHHHH!

Or I tell him a million times that we are going to some party. So I'm in the house getting the kids ready, Ben's taking out the trash and runs into some neighbors leaving. "Are you guys coming to the party?" they ask. "No, what party?" "Didn't Cat tell you?" they ask. "No." He says, making me look a ninny.

Then there is always the shock he has when I leave him with the kids because I have to go to a meeting -- the same one I told him about the week before and REMINDED him of the day before -- which he swears up and down that I never said anything.

Or when he doesn't pay the bills... or forgets to bring me home a Diet Coke.... the frustration!

Now, to be fair. It isn't like we ALWAYS listen to what our hubbies are talking about. But there is a huge difference. We have FILTERS. Oh, yeah, FILTERS. We can sort out information subconsciously and automatically tune into important things. Here's what happens.

"So last night on the Myth Busters they had this toilet...." Okay, I did the laundry. I still need to empty the dishwasher, and refill it. Then I still need to wash the sheets and remake the beds...
"Oh, and I made our dentist appointments for June 3rd at 10:00." Okay, I'll make a note: Dentist at 10 on June 3rd.
"Have I ever told you that story about my Uncle Steve and his truck?" Yes, only a million times. OH, he's telling a joke, chuckle politely. I wonder if Sam will eat broccoli if I put cheese on it?

And that's the way it goes!

Okay, I want to hear your stories of loving husbands tuning out on important info!


Rocksee said...

Girl , I do believe you are talking about my husband as well. I love the man but seriously..

What I always find funny is that he NEVER listens to me.. but when I don't listen to him about something and just blow it off(ex. the story I have heard 84,000)then that is the end of the world..

Or if I don't remember one thing of the 94,000 things I have to remember.. well he is sure to tell me about it..

Boys are so silly.

Sherri said...

What is funny about my husband is that he loves computer games. He is also a student and works full time, so when he is home he is usually on the computer. I can usually get a "yea" or a "sure" most of the time. Even once in a while I get a real response. But as soon as I try and do what we "agreed" on, I get the, "When did I agree to that?".
I have learned early in my marriage, If he is on the computer all major decision or decussion are not valid. He will claim that he doesn' know what I'm talking about and he has never heard it before.
But I love him anyway.

Jill said...

It's definitely a male thing. I am not even sure it is selective hearing. I think it is that men cannot multi task. It's a one track thing. I just make sure that I have his undivided attention and then tell him what I need to tell him.

As for me remembering his stuff... well, I try. You do have a million things going on in your mind. However, we do make it a point to find time to talk to each other so we can express appreciation, or just stuff about our day. It seems to really help

Melissa Bastow said...

That's hilarious. Except not really. How about this: that's hilariously written but horribly annoying? I thought about just chucking bricks at my husband's head with messages written on them - maybe then he'd pay attention. Most likely he'd just learn to duck.

Meagan and John said...

ou know what is bad, when they try and tell us that they told us about something and that we weren't listening--yeah we didn't hear you cause you never said it, and wispering it while we are busy taking care of the kids and not in the room with you doesn't count as talking to us about it!