Monday, April 13, 2009

Singing Toilets...?

For some mystery unknown to myself, kids love everything to come with some kind of music. It's great fun to eat, bathe, sleep, and even pee to a lively tune. My kids are no exception.

When we took Sammy, our oldest, to pick out a toilet seat, we didn't expect him to choose a singing one. Even though Sam can't talk in normal words, we knew that was the one he wanted because he wouldn't stop pointing at it. Now, I wish he would try to use it! When he found out it sang, it freaked him out. He won't go near it. Nephi, on the other hand, LOVES the singing potty! Ever since he could crawl, he would sneak in the bathroom, make a b-line to the musical chair and play with it.

Because of Sam's language problems, they say he won't be interested in the potty for probably another year or so -- this is where you feel bad for me, because I have to change a 3 and 4 year old's diaper! Nephi is still a little young, but he is starting to show a little interest in the big toilet. So, alas, the singing potty has been long forgotten and sits in the corner of the bathroom gathering cobwebs and dust.

After many lonely days, the singing potty has made a decision, no longer will it be ignored! It will make it's presence known once again. So, the other night...

My kids aren't deep sleepers. If I even flush the toilet, turn on the facet, or even the bathroom light, they wake up and start calling for me. So my husband and I make it a practice to either hold it in all night, or if we REALLY have to go, we slither quietly out of bed and sneak to the bathroom. It has to remain dark, and we can't flush -- I know totally gross, but you do what you have to do! We keep a supply of disinfectant wipes on the sink so we don't have to use the facet. Then we sneak back to bed.

The other night, I was following the routine: slither, sneak, pee, wipe hands, sneak, and slither... but I only got to the first sneak when I heard a creepy voice in the dark say, "Toilet... paper..."
I jumped!
"Ben?" I asked, testing to see if he was hiding and teasing me. No answer. Well, I was half asleep, I could be dreaming. Then I came closer to the toilet. "Toilet... paper..." Again, what the heck? If any of you have been unfortunate to see that 80's horror movie "Goolies" you will know that if ever any strange voices or noises are heard in the bathroom, you look straight at the toilet for any butt-biting creatures lurking about. And when you are half asleep, that is exactly what you do.

Nothing. So I went ahead and did my business. When I was finished I heard the voice again say, "Good... job.... You did... it!" Okay, that was just freaky! I flipped on the light, was blinded, turned it back off, and did what any self respecting half-asleep woman would do: I tried to wake my husband up and told him to check the bathroom. He just grunted and rolled over.

So I bucked up and went back to investigate myself. Under a towel I found the long forgotten singing potty. Batteries running down, sensor shorting out. No, it wasn't possessed! Thank goodness! But the motion senor was shorting so when I walked by it went off. Good thing there was a reasonable explanation, or I might have thought the potty was out for revenge... or maybe not.

Anyone else been creeped out by seemingly possessed toys?


On another note, some of you have expressed the desire to vote for my blog via the button to your right. I didn't know this until yesterday when I coerced my husband to vote for me, that you actually have to sign up with Mom Blog Network to vote. Total bummer. So, if you aren't a member and have no desire to sign up for one more thing, don't worry about it. My feelings won't be hurt, honestly. Unfortunately for my husband, I wasn't so forgiving... he is now a member of the Mom Blog Network. LOL.

Have a great day!


Melanni said...

This was so funny! One year for Christmas we bought Kasen a toy barn with animals that made the different animal sounds. It was wrapped under the tree and when you walked by it would "baaa" or "moooo" at you. That was exciting. We also have a puzzle that makes noises when you put the right piece in. We have discovered that it's senitive to temperature change, so if the sun comes out we here buses honking, airplanes taking off, etc.

Anonymous said...

This was very, very the singing toilet my say "good job"

Jill said...

Oh my heck.... so funny. I don't know what I would have done. I would have had to sit down and go potty again from fear. :)

Never a dull moment around there!

Zeemaid said...

That's hysterical. We've had toys creep us out before but never in the potty. *L*

found you on mom blog and yes I voted for you! :)

Our Family said...

This was a funny post! Battery-operated toys can sure be a pain sometimes. We have one that makes really loud car noises and goes off with just a slight touch. I can't even think of how many times it's gone off as I've tried to lay the baby down once she's fallen asleep.

Elise said...

Ha! This made me laugh! We have a Robosapian that someone left on and he started dancing and saying "Oh Yeah!" in the middle of the night. Freaked me right out!

What a fun blog you have!!

Amy said...

Hehe, if it isn't enough to have musical toys, to have one that is running out of batteries?! Way irritating! That would have seriously freaked me out! I am not a big fan of buying musical toys. I get so tired of the sounds.. especially when there is a button that is pushed repeatedly, so it sounds like a broken record. Ahh! :)

Mama Nut said...

Have you ever had one that didn't have an off switch?

Heidi said...

I don't know if you will get this or not since it's been so long since you wrote it, but I was re-reading it again and I laughed so hard I cried. I have tears on my cheeks still. I love your stories!!

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