Friday, April 10, 2009

Moms and Our Double Standards

I love being a mom! What fun it is to play Santa, the Easter Bunny, and coordinate fun activities like egg hunts and exciting outings like the zoo or the children's museum. Motherhood also comes with great responsibilities; such as, teaching our kids hygiene and good eating habits. It's important to teach them to get dressed in the morning and how to tie little shoes. Exercise is important, and too much TV and video games is bad! We all do our best for our kids. We want them to be themselves but at the same time, we want them healthy and normal.

But when the kids go to bed...

Out comes the hidden stash of candy, chocolate, and Ho-Ho's. And on goes the TV for our favorite programs! We make sure to get the kids to bed by 7 or 8 -- we tell ourselves it is for their own good, they need the sleep. But face it, inside we just want uninterrupted time to watch House or American Idol with a big bowl of the treat of our choice and a can of forbidden soda.

We lecture the little ones about their computer time, or how long they spend on the Wii. Secretly, we just want little butts off so we can blog, surf the net, or play that new Wii Yoga our husband got us for Christmas.

You want to know what is Ironic, though? Our kids totally know! We think we are so sneaky, but it is only a matter of time that they figure out where that hidden candy is -- my Sam can sniff out chocolate or hear a wrapper open from a mile away. You may think you have them snookered now... but just wait. One day you will be going about your daily business, when you kids walk in with Twinkies on their faces asking about who got voted off last night of American Idol... Then what will you do?


Tell us about your "mommy double standards!"


Anonymous said...

The blind guy did.

Jill said...

Oh, I know it! Isn't it awful that we want our kids to go to bed so we can have fun. I try not to show my excitement as we all trek upstairs to tuck them in bed. And then my husband and I do a little dance, break out the goodies, and turn on The Office or American Idol or our netflix movie or Prison Break.

My justification is that they have all day to have fun. The whole day is about them. I play with them all day as we make cookies, do puzzles, go on walks, etc. In the evening is MY time. We only get about 2 or 3 hours in the evening. So why not have those naughty no-no goodies to go along with it!?! Gotta reward ourselves somehow. Our children got to have their fun and now it's our turn.

Amy said...

Yeah, the double standards. One of the ones that I think of it cookie dough. I tell them they can't have any because of the raw eggs. Then the minute they leave the room I already have the spoon diving in. I rationalize it like this: Well, I eat it knowing that I can get sick, and do it anyway. But what kind of mother would I be if I let them eat it, knowing that they could get sick? Yeah, so I know what I may be doing to myself, but to do let me kids. Good rationalizing huh? I am agreeing with myself as I write it!! Hehe, yeah I struggle with it big time. When they get to bed I raid the fridge, and eat what I don't want to share. They will go to bed with a tray of brownies on the counter, and wake up to half as many, and they just don't understand where they all went! Then I hear myself telling them not to eat sugar late because it is unhealthy, or to not eat dessert before dinner (while I sneak a cookie while I am stirring the spaghetti sauce. It is for their won good, right!! :) (I just wish I was as good to myself!!) LOL

Cynthia said...

That's where I screwed up- not getting the kids to be early enough. I really should have gotten in that habit because the hubs goes down before they do and then we don't get to do all the REALLY great stuff- like sneaking treats!

My big treat is getting everyone down so I can have alone time while they sleep. Pathetic? Yes, but it's so peaceful I'd rather get less sleep than miss out on my quiet time.

Pamela Donnis Designs said...

Yes. This is me. I have shows I want to watch and things I want to do on the computer and I look forward to 7pm when I can put them down without feeling guilty. And we always get out the ice cream or chips of whatever junk they shouldn't eat. LOL. I think we need the time to re-fuel and prepare for the next day.