Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In Which We Go for a Walk in the Cemetery

I know what you are thinking: “Oh, great, another piece about someone who found themselves in the spiritual pondering done in a cemetery.” Or: “Skipping this post today, looks like another reflection on death, oh, joy!” Stop right there, buddy! There were no spiritual musings in the graveyard today, only funky sideshows.

We live across the street from the city cemetery. No, it isn’t creepy, it’s actually a beautiful place. Seriously, I take my kids on walks there all the time. It gives me peace to think about things – I actually come up with a lot of my posts that way. But tonight, I was a little distracted to get much inspiration.

Ben and I took the boys together on an evening stroll. The weather was beautiful, the birds were singing when we came upon…

Ben: Hon, tell them about the pine cone!
Me: No, that was dumb!
Ben: No, it wasn’t! Okay, I’ll tell them. There was this evil pine cone that got stuck in the wheel of the stroller. When I reached to dislodge it, it poked me really hard. It hurt!
Me: poor baby, should I kiss it better?
Ben: Okay….

Sorry, for the interruption. I know you didn’t want to hear about a silly little pine cone – but Ben wants to be a part of this story… men! Anyway, after the pine cone incident, we passed a couple making out in the middle of some gravestones. Well, a cemetery wouldn’t be my first choice for a make out spot – but to each his own.

Then we saw these people lying on a blanket in the distance. “What are they doing?” I asked my husband wondering if I should cover the boy’s innocent eyes. You won’t believe what they were doing! No, not that! This is a family blog! They were lying out! You know, sunbathing… in a graveyard! The desecrators! It was a woman in a bikini and a man in a zebra print Speedo (which my husband pointed out that he really did need a tan…) I, on the other hand, thought that anyone running around in a cemetery in a zebra print Speedo should be arrested! We tried to walk past with averted eyes, but my Sammy started yelling, “Hi!!” and waving to them. We just walked by faster.

Now, we didn’t think our little walk could get any worse. Until we saw the Bride. Yes, there was a bride in the cemetery. No, she wasn’t dead…. She was very much alive. What was she doing there? She was getting her bridal pictures taken. Oh, yeah, what a morbid way to start off your married life. Maybe it will bring them good luck -- I hope.

Anyway, I had had enough of this walk. “Sweetie, let’s go home,” I said and we did.


Housewife Savant said...

Good Morning SITSter.
Ironically, I was thinking about a cemetary in Milwaukee....
just the other day.
There was a Revolutionary War cemetary in Savannah...
Cemetaries ARE beautiful.

I would not mosh in a graveyard.
No self-respecting woman would sunbathe with a man in a Speedo. Maybe she brought him there hoping no one would see.
I would so Do the bridal pix thing.

RamblingMother said...

Oh that is funny! Stopping by from SITS.

Jill said...

My goodness. I just don't get people sometimes! But so funny!!! You can't make that stuff up. And no self-respecting person would wear a speedo let alone be caught with someone wearing a speedo... and a zebra print one no less!!! As for the bride, well, I'm not sure on that one. They do keep the cemetary grounds really nice. Maybe she wasn't thinking clearly about how creepy it was that she was beginning her "married life" that way. Thanks for the laughs.

Melanni said...

I think Bridal Pictures in a Cemetary is very strange. Really...why?

BridgetJean said...

Really funny!!! Kids are hilarious, Sammy sounds like my 8 year old.

Rocksee said...

Personally, I wouldn't sun bath in the grave yard.. but you would be suprised how many people make out there. I get calls for that all the time. That would be a romance killer (literally) if you ask me.

Mary K Brennan said...

What an interesting stroll. You never know what you'll find in those places. I was actually invited to a wedding at a cemetary once. How bizarre. Let's just say Hubby's side of the family. Stopping by from SITS.

Our Family said...

I loved this post! Zebra man reminded me of something I read the other day. This was number five on a list entitled "Why It's Good to be a Woman."

No fashion faux pas we make could ever rival the Speedo.

Amy said...

Zebra print?? Really?? I agree with the other reader who thinks she took him to a cemetery to tan, and she didn't want anyone to see them together!

Maybe the bride wanted her ancestors to join in her wedding pics! Hahaha Nothing like posing next to a tombstone!

As for the making out... I am guilty of making out in the cemetery.. hey we were in my car!! Sheese I wouldn't lay out a blanket! When you live in a small town, gotta find somewhere away from the gossips! :) LOL

Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Cemetaries really don't bother me either, but sunbathing? Bridal portraits? There are other ways to be creative, people.