Monday, April 20, 2009

In Honor of Monday

I know I'm crazy, but Monday's are one of my favorite days! Why? Mostly because the weekend is over and my husband is around again... and it does help that Sam goes back to school. But above all, I look forward to Monday night -- Family Night. Lately, it has been going really well. However, it didn't always go very smooth. Here is the post I wrote on my private blog, the first time we tried to have a formal family night lesson. Note: this happened before we knew that Sam had more issues than just being "speech delayed."

Family Night Fiasco
Posted 2 Sept 2008

After church on Sunday, I went to the nursery to pick up Sam. I always ask the rhetorical question, "Was he a good boy today?" I don't know why I ask because I know he was probably naughty and they will just say, "yeah, sure," while really wanting to say, "Take this kid home!" Or something like that. But this time, the nursery lady didn't met my eyes and nodded towards a group of women talking in the corner. She told me that the Primary President and the other nursery leaders wanted to have a "Private Talk" with me. Oh, Oh, I thought to myself. He's not even 3 and I am getting called to the principal's office -- or something like it.

So, the kind ladies took me aside to another room. After we sat down, the Primary President asked me about Sam's "Special Needs." I was so nervous I just stared and like an idiot I asked, "What 'special needs?'" Of course, they all turned red with embarrassment! I felt badly that they felt uncomfortable, so I explained that Sammy is just a little different is all. They were really nice and understanding. But they mentioned that Sammy wasn't reverent during lessons and was ruining it for the other kids, so to speak. So I decided that Ben and I were going to help Sammy learn to sit reverently -- even if for just a few minutes at a time. So I prepared a Family Night.

I was all prepared, I had covered all the bases. We were going to get through a little spiritual prayer, lesson, and song. So I set up the card table in the front room. OK, Nephi would need to be strapped down... high chair! Check! OK... Sammy needed to be strapped down too... Booster seat with seat belt! Great idea, Catherine, I told myself, they weren't going anywhere! Ben helped me get the kids strapped in. So far so good.

Now, when you have little kids, you learn to pray with one eye slightly open. I notice as Ben starts the prayer, that Sam and Nephi exchange devious looks... the parents have their eyes closed! Suckers! Nephi grabs the card table and tries to tip it over, Ben grabs the side. Good move, sweetie, I think. Then while Ben holds the table down against Nephi's efforts, Sam starts picking his nose. I know what is coming next... the grossest of all gross little boy things to do. But I am sitting across the table from Sam. I can see, in slow motion, the finger going from the nose to the mouth. Ben still praying, suddenly has another arm that shoots out and grabs the hand just in time to say "Amen!" Sam starts screaming because, well, you know... and Nephi starts screaming because Sam is screaming. Oh, Joy!

"Now we are going to sing a song," I tell everyone. Sam and Nephi looked at me like I was crazy. So Ben and I sang to them. During the song, Nephi lost table privileges, so I rolled him away from us a little, thank goodness for high chairs with wheels. And Ben was now holding both of Sam's hands on the table to keep him from giving in to his booger eating instincts.

Let me just say, I have never taught a lesson so fast in my life! I have to admit, they were pretty good while we colored our pictures... unless you count the part where Nephi was eating his crayons... But all in all, it went pretty good. I think we'll try it again next week.
Here is a picture of our coloring pages I made on my photo program. There is an option to make your pics look coloring book style. It worked great for the kids... but Ben and I couldn't stop laughing at our own pictures. I look like a hillbilly with big teeth and a huge double chin and Ben looks like Hitler (they looked better after we colored them though.) At least the kids liked it... I think.


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