Thursday, April 9, 2009

How Do You Stop the "Pick & Eat?"

It's a familiar scene in our house. Sam and Nephi running around playing. Then suddenly, Sam stops. His finger whips up his nose, digs around, pulls out a juicy one and plops it in his mouth. One of my top five nastiest things a kid can do. My question for all of you, is how do you stop this behavior with a child who can't be reasoned with?

I am dead serious. It has been a two year battle with my pickiest eater (no pun intended) to stop eating his boogers. Where did he even get the idea? It is inborn? Genetic? (I believe this may be possible. I have seen my youngest brother-in-law pull this stunt more then once. Not to mention my husband confessed that "all" boys do it.... which to me means, he did too.) I haven't seen any cartoons do it.... although, I can imagine Spongebob doing it. Or could it just be the odious "natural man" we all hear about. Whatever it is, it needs to stop -- preferably, before kindergarten. I remember teasing boys who had this nasty habit early in school -- I don't want that for my Sammy.

I would have to say that yesterday was my last straw. I put my foot down once and for all. This booger eating habit will stop! I was laying on the couch and Sam came and stood by me will he was fishing up his nose. I watched, ready to pounce before it got to the mouth. I grabbed his hand and I said, "Sammy, no eating your boogers!" He looked at me and I think he rolled his eyes, because when I let go of his hand, instead of eating it anyway, he wiped it on MY shirt! How rude!

Has anyone out there cured this terrible habit? Please, I would love some feedback!


The Whiteley Collection said...

When you can help me resolve the issue of Nose Stuffing I will help you with the Nose Picking! j/k

No really that is gross... my kids don't have that habit but I could really do without the one Ty has... I still think there should be some sort of a nose guard to prevent the stuffing or picking for those with a bad habit and/or impossible to deter from the disgusting and annoying activity!!!
If you have any success... pass it on to me and I'll do the same! :)

Jill said...

I read another funny story about this very dilemma.

I'm not sure what to tell you. Maybe try to be matter of fact about it. When he picks, just don't say anything to him other than to grab his hand before he eats it (or worse... wipes it on you or something else) and then go wipe it on a kleenex or go wash it off his hand. Maybe it will be unpleasant enough for him. Or tell him he has to eat a pickle (or something else gross) every time he eats a booger... because it's gross, too. Maybe he will pair the two together and it will sink in.

Good luck. Boogers are nasty. It's totally a BOY/MALE thing. TOTALLY!

Mama Nut said...

I haven't read that post. Maybe I will check it out!

Anonymous said...

Too funny....picky eater....very funny pun...even if it wasn't intended to be one. Mom

Our Family said...

"Pickiest eater" made me laugh, too. :o)

Anonymous said...

Question: Are you telling me that you never ever ever pick your nose?

I think you need to change tactics. Maybe you need to start teaching him discrete picking techniques. And appropriate disposal techniques. In spite of everything we do, mucus WILL accumulate and after a while it MUST be removed, and it is not always nicely pliable and wet. It gets dry and crusty and hides up in the sinuses and it feels very uncomfortable.

There's the "hide-your-nose-with-your-hand-and-poke-with the-thumb technique", there's the "probe -with-a-tissue" technique.
Anyone else?

Mama Nut said...

lol, I totally agree! It isn't the public picking that bothers me as much as the fact I can't get him to stop eating them. We have tried tissue and toilet paper -- even baby wipes. He thinks it's great fun, but always goes back to old eating thing... and he is FAST too. I can't seem to grab a tissue in time!