Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Feeling a Little More Inspired this Afternoon

We have been enjoying some great weather these last few days. It's been nice to take the boys out to play, go for walks, or fun rides in the car with the windows down. After a rough morning of getting the boys in line, I decided it might be fun to take the boys on a field trip to get me a much needed Diet Coke.

Now, with the lovely weather, comes many things, in my opinion, that should remain put away. Such as extra-short shorts and the mini-mini-skirt. Any piece of clothing that shows underwear in public is, frankly, disgusting.

So today on our way to treat myself with a DC, we saw the following crossing the street in front of us as we were stopped at a red light:

(I was going to post a picture here of a mini-mini-skirt but I was afraid to Google it to find a picture -- who knows what could have popped up?)

The offender was probably no older then 15 or 16 and wearing funky stilettos that made walking hard. Her skirt was so short her "baggage" (or I like to refer to it as "undercarriage") was hanging out the bottom. It was just gross! Anyway, she was half way across the street, when someone started leaning into their horn. Blinded by the glare, she started waving around thinking that there was a car full of hot guys somewhere trying to get her attention. Not so. The horn honker was the mom in the blue minivan to my left. She was wearing the same look of disgust that I was. I don't blame her, she had a van full of young boys.

I had to laugh. That's my kind of mom!

How do you feel about the latest "sexy" fads?


Jill said...

That is good. I'm gonna use that undercarriage term from now on. And yes, you definitely should not have googled it.

Amy said...

Hehe, that is funny that the mom next to you was thinking the same thing. I feel bad for the girl... sad that she wants to get attention that way. Best wishes to the young men out there! :)

Anonymous said...

I too feel sorry for the young girl.

Our Family said...

Yeah, I'm not a fan of the skimpy clothes, either. My five-year-old son already has a pretty good eye for what's modest and what's not. He's been known to shout, "Mom, she's naked! She needs to put some clothes on!" in stores where the mannequins are wearing a bikini or any other non-undercarriage-covering clothes. It's strange to feel so embarrassed and proud at the same time. :o)