Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another Gem from the Archieves

This was one of those mornings, when you wake up feeling worse then when you went to bed. I feel like my eyes are going to pop out! Not to mention, that when I went to get the boys up, I found that Nephi had dismantled our little DVD player we use in the car. It can't be fixed. So I turned on the computer, finding myself devoid of any inspiration to share with you this lovely morning. So I pulled up one of my older pieces I had a great time writing. Enjoy!

-Mama Nut
Future Scientists of America
Posted 8 Sept 2008

One amazing thing that has come out of Ben's schooling is that I am realizing how much my boys are like their dad. Always on the verge of scientific discoveries. All my boys (Ben included) love the laws of science, and they are constantly experimenting and proving important scientific principles. Here are a few examples of Sammy and Nephi in discovery mode.

The Law of Gravity: Discovered
Ben let me sleep in one morning, some months ago. When I woke up, Sam was running around with nothing but a really saggy diaper. "Ben!" I called. "Why haven't you changed Sammy's diaper? I can see crack!" Ben: "It's fine until it reaches his knees." Luckily for Sam, though, he has learned to navigate around the house in a huge diaper, using gravity to his advantage... turning right, swing diaper out to the left, and so on. However, sometimes Ben forgets and gravity leaves Sam diaper-less, and mom a present on the floor.

Nephi also has great use for gravity. He has discovered that it is easier to fill his pants standing up. There have been many times when Nephi has been playing, by the window, by the couch, standing by the t.v., today at the toy store, when all of the sudden he stops, stands up... gets in position (you know the one)... his face turns red and he gives a little grunt. Then he continues on, business as usual.

Sam and Newton's Laws:
1st Law: Every object in motion remains in motion unless an external force is applied to it. Nephi will remain walking until Sam runs up and shoves him over.
2nd Law: Force = Mass x Acceleration. Or should I say: Force (Sammy with shifty look) divided by Mass (Nephi in bouncer swing minding his own business) = Acceleration (Nephi shooting into the air, then bouncing back and ricocheting off the walls).
3rd Law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The other day at the store, I can't even remember what we were looking at, but I always try to navigate my cart down the middle of the isle as to keep naughty little hands from "helping" me shop. Sam has figured out that his body movement inside the cart can make the cart move. So I turn around to look at a label, and Sam and Nephi take off in the cart down the isle. Sam pumping his little body around to gain maximum acceleration, and Nephi swinging his legs with delight from the cart seat. I turn around, but not until they get a pretty good start, and have to chase them down before they hit the little old lady in the wheel chair at the end of the isle. Let's just say, it was close.

Nephi and the Theory of Relativity
The boys run around at the speed of light and I'm the one looking old and tired!The other day, Nephi came in and demonstrated relativity when he pointed at Sam and announced, "Pooped!" Sam could care less, but the smell really got to Nephi and he wanted me to change Sam. Ironically enough, Nephi was poopy too... but it was OK for him to be poopy, just not Sammy.

Airflow Dynamics
Sam discovered, yesterday, that it isn't wise to throw sand up in the air when he is standing down wind... especially if he is looking right at it.

Today, Nephi discovered, much to his delight, that if he sits in front of the fan with a stinky diaper, the whole house will quickly smell of Eau de Nephi.

Fluid Dynamics
Why pee in the bathtub sitting down and miss all the fun of standing up?
Sammy + Cell Phone + Toilet ... enough said.

Sam and Nephi are such characters. At this rate, I can't imagine what they will be doing in 20 years!
Have any of your kids demonstrated talent in science? We would love to hear about it!


Amy said...

That is hilarious!! The momentum of the diapers while turning corners... cracked me up! Your boys make me laugh.. or rather, your telling us about them does! :)

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite stories. The boys really are quite funny.

Our Family said...

I wish I would've had you for my physics professor! Your explanations make so much more sense and are much more fun to read!

Jill said...

Oh man, I forgot how funny this post was!